Enterprise Month or More Program

Experience the freedom of owning a car without all the hassels that comes with it.


  • No Binding contract after 30 days.
  • Insurance and roadside assistance are included.
  • Service and inspection at no charge.
  • Upgrade or downgrade to a different car class at anytime.

Let's get started





Step 1: Choose your car

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car you can always choose from a large selection of vehicles, anything from small commuter car, SUV, Vans and even sports cars.





Step 2: Choose your miles

By default the Month or More Program allows you to choose between 750-1500 miles per month, if you drive more we will tailor a customized plan just for you.




Step 3: Choose your insurance package

At Enterprise, our Month or More Program comes with comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance with the price you see. We called it the "Just Drive" Package. However, you can purchase the "Safe Drive" Package, which has 0 deductible and include extended roadside services.




Step 4: Reserve your car

Once you have found your car you can send your reservation directly to our friendly representative here, or feel free to give us a call.

PH: 671-649-0110

EM: reservations@ehiglobalguam.com

Featured Vehicles

Intermediate Car Rental

Intermediate *

Toyota Corrola or similar

* Subject to location and availability

Fullsize car rentals


Toyota Camry or similar

Convertible car Rental


Ford Mustang or similar

SUV Car Rental


Hyundai Tucson or similar


Minivan Car Rental

Minivan *

Nissan Quest or similar


Pickup truck Car Rental

Pickup Truck *

Nissan Frontier or similar