In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Enterprise brand will offer the option to “QUICKSTART” a rental from a participating renting Enterprise location to accommodate an early pick up time for a vehicle rental. To secure a rental using the QUICKSTART option, the Commonwealth Business Traveler shall request this option when making the reservation with the participating Enterprise location. The Commonwealth Business Traveler shall be charged an additional fee set forth below and Rates shall commence as follows:

With assistance from the Commonwealth, Contractor will identify any trends of possible misuse by the Commonwealth Business Traveler and, the Commonwealth will investigate for fraud.  


Will I see Taxes on this reservation?

Yes, these charges will appear on the reservation you are about to make. However, providing this rental is billed to your agency, all applicable taxes will be removed upon your arrival.

How do I book a One-Way Rental (drop off location is different than pick-up location)?

Any Commonwealth Business Traveler wishing to book a one-way rental should do so by calling the branch from which the one-way will be picked up. One way rentals cannot be booked using this online reservations system.

Commonwealth Temporary Transportation Vehicles

Renters who are not Commonwealth employees, officials, board members or volunteer workers are responsible for any insurance beyond the contracted coverage. (This includes vendors, consultants, contractors and others for whom the Commonwealth has agreed to reimburse travel expenses.)

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