Enterprise Delivery Process to LHU

Effective October 10, 2017



1. Vehicles and keys will be delivered to Facilities parking lot at 401 N. Fairview Street.

2. Rental keys and contracts must be picked up from Facilities between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.* Please make sure that your reservation is accurate for the date/time that you will need to pick up the rental keys.

3. Please return vehicle to the same location from where you picked it up.

4. The papers will be signed and initialed by the driver PRIOR to getting the keys from Facilities personnel.

5. Facilities personnel will remove the top copy of the form and fax to Enterprise at 570-748-5926.

6. The pink copy will be handed to the driver with the vehicle keys to keep with the rental vehicle as their registration and proof of insurance.

7. The remaining two copies will be put in the Enterprise basket for pick up by Enterprise personnel.

8. Upon return by the driver, the vehicle will be returned to Facilities parking area marked as “Enterprise” spaces, and the keys put in the Enterprise drop box also located outside on the wall of the Facilities Building.

* For special arrangements outside these hours, you may choose to pick up the rental at the Enterprise office in Lock Haven. Please contact Enterprise representative at 570-748-3669 for details.