“What would you do without access to a vehicle?”*

Actor Jaleel White teams up with Enterprise to remind drivers about the importance of rental car reimbursement coverage, and other “adulting” tips.

America’s favorite nerdy neighbor offers tips on adulting:

“In my younger days, I certainly had my fair share of ‘Did I do that?’ moments,” said White. “But as I’ve grown up, become a father and taken on more responsibilities, I’ve learned a few simple things that I think can help everyone, no matter what stage of adulthood they’re in.”

Reward yourself, but don’t waste your money.

I like a good cup of coffee as much as the next guy, but you don’t need to spend $5 every day by going to the barista down the street. Make a home brew and use the money you save to help pay down debt.

Live healthy to be happy and live happy to be healthy. 

Our health is so important and one of the easiest ways to relieve stress and live a healthier life is to be happy. That’s why I love being an actor. I get to bring laughter and joy to people’s lives. Figure out what makes you happy…your body will thank you for it.

You are never too old to phone home

I take the time to talk to my parents as much as I can…and I hope my daughter will do the same with me when she is grown.

Never be without wheels.

Statistics show that one in eight drivers has an accident each year. Living in Los Angeles, I can’t be without transportation if my car goes into the shop after an accident…and I’m sure most people feel that way no matter what city they live in. My adulting tip: call your insurance agent to make sure you are covered for rental car reimbursement.

What would you do without access to a vehicle?

Enterprise asks U.S. drivers, "How would you feel without access to a vehicle for an extended period of time?" 50% of millennials would rather go without social media for a week than lose access to a vehicle.

Find out how you compare

Need a Replacement Rental Car Now?

Enterprise offers low rates, whether you are planning to pay out of pocket or you would like us to bill your insurance company directly.

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Are you covered?

Rental reimbursement insurance pays for the cost of a rental while your vehicle is repaired after an accident. It costs about the same as renting a car for just one day. Learn about the different levels of coverage options.

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Win at adulting.

Don’t procrastinate. 

Among millennials, one of the biggest barriers to obtaining rental car reimbursement coverage may be the fact that they view it as an “adulting” activity. When it comes to “adulting”, nearly two out of three millennials say they procrastinate as often as possible. 

Call your insurance agent today and ask if you are covered for rental car reimbursement! It can save you from anxiety and that awkward feeling of having to beg friends and family for rides.


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* The survey was conducted online within the United States by Atomik Research, an independent market research agency, between July 13 and 16, 2017, among 1,046 American drivers over the age of 21. Margin of error is +/- 3.9%. Research conducted was in accordance with Market Research Association guidelines and regulations.

**Source: The Romans Group

***Source: Enterprise Rent-A-Car