Why Get Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage?

1 in 8 drivers has an auto accident each year.*

You’re a great driver, we get it. But what about the other guy?

As vehicles become more technologically advanced with features, back up cameras and sensors, so has the repair after an accident, which causes it to take longer and longer.

In fact the average vehicle repair lasts about 2 weeks.

So if the unfortunate happens to you and your vehicle needs repair, how will you get around for those two weeks? That’s 14 days of going to work or to school. And two weeks is just the average. Chances are you’ll need a vehicle to drive…

  • So you’ll just borrow a car? For 14 days? You must have some really great friends.
  • You’ll just use your partner’s car? Or your teenager’s car?
  • Borrowing affects everyone around you. A transportation-challenged family can lead to missed meetings, tardy slips and general discontentment!

Let’s face it. If you're in an accident, you already have enough on your mind. Don’t add to a stressful situation – prepare yourself with rental reimbursement coverage on your automobile policy.

Don't have rental reimbursement insurance yet?
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*2012 The Romans Group

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Life Without Rental Reimbursement Coverage

What is Rental Reimbursement Coverage?

Virtually every major auto insurance carrier offers an optional Rental Reimbursement Coverage. This addition to your policy will pay for you to rent a vehicle while the covered vehicle is being repaired.

Sometimes this coverage gets overlooked when you’re shopping for insurance. It can be difficult to compare all coverages, prices and options. Luckily, you can add Rental Reimbursement Coverage to your existing policy any time, even if it’s not renewal time.

And Rental Reimbursement Coverage is surprisingly affordable!

In fact, Rental Reimbursement Coverage for an entire year. Typically it costs about the same as renting a car for just one day. So why put yourself in a situation where you have to beg and borrow, or worse yet, pay out of pocket for a rental car, when you can add Rental Reimbursement Coverage so easily? Call your carrier or your agent today and check this off your list.

And just like there are all different types of drivers, there are different types of Rental Reimbursement Coverage. When you select your coverage, be sure to ask for the coverage that gets you the vehicle you need to get on with your life during those 14 days while your vehicle is in the shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that rental replacement can be a confusing and misunderstood thing, especially if you've just been in an accident or are facing a big repair bill. We're here to help. Have a question? We may have an answer for you. Or, feel free to contact us.

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Already have rental reimbursement coverage?

Need a replacement rental car? Start by calling your insurance company or agent.
The company will take care of you, by setting up a rental reservation and will work with the repair shop on scheduling.

When your repair is scheduled, a rental reservation is made at your local Enterprise location. The location staff will have your information to direct bill your insurance carrier for the covered amount of your rental.

When you arrive at your local Enterprise you will need:

  • Your insurance card showing your name as covered on the policy
  • Your driver’s license
  • A credit card – this will be used only as a deposit or to pay for coverages or upgrades beyond what your insurance covers. As the renter, you will be responsible for any difference. We recommend contacting your local Enterprise before arrival to ensure you have all necessary information prepared. This will allow your rental process to be quick and easy.

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If you don’t currently have rental reimbursement insurance but still need to rent a vehicle, you still can at our every day low rates. Special rates may be available through your insurance carrier. Call you carrier to see if you qualify. Be sure to check our FAQ if you have questions.

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