Month or More Car Rental Plan

Advanced Reservations with ARMS® Dealership

Consumers rank the availability of transportation services as the most important aspect of their service appointment 1 .   ARMS ® Dealership helps facilitate advanced rental reservations, keeping your service bays full and customers happy.

Benefits of ARMS® Dealership

ARMS® Dealership is a FREE rental management program that functions as an extension of your existing Dealership Management System (DMS).

  • Reduce the length of rental
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Automate rental authorization & approvals
  • Faster access to accurate invoices
  • Like-Brand reservations with advanced notice
  • Expedite vehicle delivery and service
  • The right vehicle at the right time

"Customers no longer have to wait 10 to 15 minutes to have a rental car available because the request is actually initiated at the same time the service advisor begins writing up the service order, including whether the customer has kids and needs a car with more passenger seating"

Shawn Burkel, Service Manager. Mark Christopher Auto Center, CA

Increase CSI With ARMS® Dealership

At Enterprise, we take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we understand the importance of achieving high customer satisfaction index ( CSI) scores at your dealership. ARMS® Dealership allows you to schedule a rental car in advance and directly from your existing DMS.

“ARMS dealership makes it easy for our team to reserve a rental at the time of the appointment so customers don’t have to wait for a rental car to become available.”
Tom Thompson Sr., President/Owner of Thompson Automotive Group


Satisfaction with a dealership service appointment is highest when transportation is scheduled in advance 1

Send reservations to your local Enterprise location directly from your DMS, saving you time and improving your customer experience!

"Implementing this tool has increased our efficiency overall and provided ease during peak times"
Justin H., Fized Operations Manager at Sunset Ford

Efficient Invoicing

Extend or stop rentals directly from ARMS® Dealership. Once the rental agreement has been closed by an Enterprise location, an invoice is available for download directly from the website. 

"If we need to extend a rental, information is sent directly to Enterprise, eliminating the need for follow-up phone requests. We also can view and print invoice information online within the ARMS® system." 
Tom Walls, President/Owner of Plaza Ford

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting provides visibility and access to data regarding length of rental, average costs and rental frequency so you can manage your efficiency and transportation investments.

Seamless integration with your DMS

  • Once you're ready to integrate, Enterprise will send a request to your DMS provider to schedule the update and the launch.
  • Your ARMS® Representative will provide training and reference materials to support your team's transition.
  • On the launch date, your local Enterprise team will be on-site to help with the process.
  • Rely on us anytime with support from your local rep or our technical support team at 1-888-972-7187.

1 2018 Enterprise renter survey