Short-Term Rental Benefits:

  • Everyday low rates at more than 7,600 neighborhood and airport locations worldwide in over 85 countries
  • Our great weekend car rental rates and latest deals
  • Helpful pick-up service (non-airport locations)
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Easy rental process lets you get on the road right away
  • Reduce wear-and-tear of your personal vehicle

Why Rent Short-Term?

  • Go on a weekend adventure or road trip and try something new
  • On a business trip? Take time to explore the area
  • Rent a car one-way so you only have to pay for what you need
  • Seamless process lets you get going right away
  • Cost-effective alternative to dealership auto leases
  • Earn rewards towards free rentals with our Enterprise Plus loyalty program

One-Way Car Rental


Going one-way? That's o-kay with us. We'll help you get from point A to point B - wherever they are.

Car Rental FAQs

weekend special

Be in-the-know wherever you go. Check out our FAQs for information on hours of operation, reservations and more.

Weekend Car Rental

weekend car rental

Planning a weekend away has never been easier. Find helpful tips to make your weekend travel better than ever. 

Plan a Road Trip

road trip

From vacation to visiting family, we can help you plan the perfect trip - no matter how short (or long!)


Short-Term Business Rentals

For short-term business rentals, we can help you save time and money, with:

  • More than 8,000 worldwide locations in over 70 countries and territories
  • Special transportation offerings, including box trucks and exotic vehicles
  • Customized rate plans
  • Cost-effective alternatives to owning a company pool fleet
  • Making your company look top-notch by always having the right vehicle for each need