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Yucaipa Car Rental

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This car rental branch is located in the San Bernadino / Yucaipa area near the intersection of Yucaipa Boulevard and 11th Street.

Areas Serviced

Yucaipa, San Bernardino

Places of Interest

Los Angeles – approximately a 1.5 hour drive
San Diego – approximately a 2 hour drive
Las Vegas – approximately a 3.5 hour drive

Things to Do in Yucaipa

Hiking, Camping, Outdoor Activities, Mountain Climbing, Skiing and Snow Boarding, Golfing, Fishing, Visiting National Forrest

Nearby Attractions

San Bernardino National Forrest, Wildwood Canyon Hiking Trails, Big Bear Mountains, Oak Glen Preserve, Riley's Apple Farm, Hanger 24, Lincoln Memorial Shrine, Village of Oak Glen