CAR Rental FAQs

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Customer Service
General Car Rental Questions
Discounts and Promotions
Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas
Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products
Citations and Tolls
Enterprise Plus

Customer Service

Lost and Found

How can I get a copy of my receipt?

How do refunds work with the different methods of payment?

General Car Rental Questions

Will Enterprise pick me up?

What are your renter requirements for renting in the US and Canada?

What are your driver license requirement for renting in the US and Canada?

What are your age requirements for renting in the US and Canada?

Can I add an additional driver to my rental? (US and Canada)

If I'm a person with a disability and do not have a driver's license, can I rent a car from Enterprise?

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

My vehicle was damaged and I need to rent a car. What can I expect?

What if my flight is delayed? - Airport Rental Locations in the US and Canada

Can I return my rental vehicle if the Enterprise location is closed?

I would like to keep my rental vehicle for a few days longer; is that possible?

Does Enterprise require a deposit when renting a vehicle? (United Kingdom, Ireland, and Germany)

Can I pay for the rental of a car for another individual?

Do you accept Cash or Money Orders?

I want to return my car early, is there a penalty to do so?

Will there be an additional charge if I am late returning the rental vehicle?

Do I need to refuel the vehicle before returning? Can I pre-pay for fuel?

What is your pet policy?

Car Rental Discounts and Promotions

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

Do you have a Government Rate?

Does Enterprise offer a military discount?

Car Rental Mileage and Authorized Driving Areas

What is the mileage/kilometer policy?

Does Enterprise offer Unlimited Mileage on Car Rental?

Can I take an Enterprise vehicle in the US one way?

Am I allowed to take my rental vehicle into a bordering country such as Mexico or Canada?

Rental Vehicles, Equipment and Protection Products

Can I rent a 12 or 15 Passenger Van from Enterprise?

Does Enterprise rent additional equipment such as child safety seats, ski racks or GPS?

Do you offer snow chains or four wheel drive on your vehicles?

Does Enterprise allow me to tow with or attach a hitch to the rental vehicle?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Safety Recall Policy

Can I purchase Protection Products from Enterprise for a rental vehicle in the United States?

Can I purchase Protection Products from Enterprise for a rental vehicle in Canada?

Car Rental Citations and Tolls

Citations and Tolls FAQ

How can I obtain payment information or a copy of a receipt for my toll charges?

Where does Enterprise offer the ability to use toll express lanes?


Enterprise Plus

How many Enterprise Plus points does it take to earn a free rental day?

How do I request missing points if I forgot to provide my Enterprise Plus number?

How do I contact Enterprise Plus Member Services?

Can I share my Enterprise Plus Points with family or friends?

How do I redeem my points for free rental days?

See our Member Services page for additional information regarding our Enterprise Plus Loyalty Program.