Ko Olina Marriott Car Rental

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Renting a Car at Ko Olina Marriott

Information for Renting a Car at the Ko'Olina Marriott Beach Club

This car rental location is located in Ko'Olina on the island of Oahu. The rental desk is located in the main lobby of the Kona Tower, to the left of the check-in/front desk counter when facing the counter.  Jeeps are particularly popular rentals at this location (based on availability).

Parking at Ko'Olina Properties

Parking at this property is restricted to hotel guests only. We recommend for non-guests to return the rental car during business hours.

Why Rent a Car in Ko'Olina

A rental car provides an opportunity to escape the resort property to experience what the rest of Oahu has to offer - from a quick day trip to Waikiki to the famous Northshore.