Rental coverage options vary by insurance company and policy. Most policies cover a daily amount up to a limited number of days or dollars. If the daily amount is flat (eg $40), any vehicle you select under that should include the rate and tax of the rental car if you want to avoid paying part of the rental. For example a $40/1200 policy would cover rate and tax on a rental up to $40 a day for up to $1200. Enterprise has special rates for insurance partners which vary by market.

On average, you can expect to be in a rental for almost 2 weeks after an accident.1 A third of Americans drive 3-4 places a day. Consider where you could be driving during any two week period. What is important to you? Comfort, 7 seats, 4 wheel drive? Each policy has slightly different coverage options and your agent can recommend the best level based on your needs. See how Mr. Newton handled life without a rental car at My13days.com.

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Discuss your vehicle needs with your agent to find the right level of coverage.

Small to Mid-Size Sedan

✔ Fuel efficiency

✔ Cost conscious

✔ Transportation

+Large to Premium Sedan

✔ Car seat options

✔ Comfort for long commutes

✔ Comfort for driving clients around

+Minivan, Medium SUV, Luxury Sedan, Pick-Up

✔ Carpools

✔ Winter Conditions (4-wheel drive)

✔ Business Needs

Large SUV, Specialty SUV, Commercial Truck

✔ Any car on lot

✔ Specialty vehicles

✔ Commercial trucks

B2B Line Up

1. Atomik research