13 Spots to Learn about Beekeeping

Story and photo by Jay Zschunke

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Catch up on the latest buzz about bees.

Marshall’s Farm Honey – American Canyon, California
Marshall’s Farm Honey prides itself on having a hand-crafted approach to producing honey. If you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, stop by and visit beekeeper Spencer Marshall to learn his harvesting methods.

Bennett’s Honey Farm – Fillmore, California
Bennett’s Honey Farm is unique because its entire facility is solar-powered. Every summer, it has a harvest festival where you can learn about beekeeping and get a taste of delicious honey.

Walker Farms – Ft. Myers, Florida
Walker Farms produces and bottles many different types of honey, which it sells to local bakeries and stores. Getting honey from Walker is simple – it has a honey pick-up box at the entrance to its farm.

Dadant & Sons – Hamilton, Illinois (and other branch locations)
Founded in 1863, Dadant & Sons is the country’s oldest and largest manufacturer of beekeeping supplies. They’re headquartered in Illinois, but have more than 10 branches in far-flung locales from Albion, Michigan, to Frankfort, Kentucky.

Heartland Honey and Beekeeping Supply – Spring Hill, Kansas
The owners of this old-school beekeeping supply operation prefer direct contact with their customers; you can only order over the phone or in person. They also offer homespun touches like “will trade wax for supplies.”

The Great Plains Nature Center – Wichita, Kansas
The Great Plains Nature Center (GPNC) is a nonprofit devoted to promoting education about wildlife that’s indigenous to the Great Plains region. Honeybees are, naturally, a crucial puzzle piece in the regional ecosystem, so the GPNC offers a range of educational resources.

Wolf Honey Farm – St. Paul, Minnesota
Wolf Honey Farm’s mission is to provide quality, natural and wholesome food. It also gives education on the health benefits of honey, and encourages the public to be aware of protecting habitat for bees and butterflies.

Durham’s Bee Farm – Walls, Mississippi
Durham’s Bee Farm offers a lot of bee product education, on topics like pollen, royal jelly and propolis. It also sells high-quality honeybee supplies and offers beehive removal services.

Busy Bee Farm – Tabernacle, New Jersey
Busy Bee Farm is home to several beehives, which are located at specific sites for educational purposes. Part of the New Jersey Stewardship Program, it's committed to quality beekeeping practices. It also offers educational programs related to various bee topics.

Ruhl Bee Supply – Wilsonville, Oregon
Ruhl Bee Supply has been a part of the bee community in the Pacific Northwest since 1898. It supplies beekeepers with high-quality supplies and also sells bee-produced products like candles, soap, pure honey and more.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm – New Columbia, Pennsylvania
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is surrounded by vineyards and orchards of apples and peaches, as well as many other wild plants that are perfect for honeybees. Its knowledgeable staff educates visitors on their high-quality beekeeping products.

Bee City Zoo – Cottageville, South Carolina
Bee City Zoo has been family owned and operated for 30 years. It started from a passion for honeybees; now it educates people on the importance of bees through an interactive farm and zoo.

Kelley's Honey Farms – Arthur City, Texas
Kelley's Honey Farms has all-natural, raw bee products and fundraising opportunities to help support the bee community. You can also register for pollination services or sponsor a hive.

Kelley's Honey Farms

Kelley's Honey Farms

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