Texas Barbecue: Meeting the Pitmaster

Decades of shared knowledge and a passion for community … That’s the recipe these three cooks are using to keep the barbecue craft alive at McMillan’s Bar-B-Q in Fannin, Texas.

McMillan’s Bar-B-Q offers a Taste of Texas

Some people are lucky enough to earn a living doing what they love. And regardless of their passion, there is always more to learn. Opinions are everywhere, but sometimes the truth requires traveling back to the source — the place where it all started.

Take Russell and Anthony, for example. Originally from Texas, they’ve brought a taste of home to downtown Los Angeles where they serve Texas-style barbecue at their restaurant, Horse Thief BBQ. Always seeking to expand their understanding of the craft, these enthusiasts traveled 1,500 miles to Fannin, Texas, to meet Louis McMillan.

Louis is a true Texas pitmaster, who has been making barbecue for over 45 years. Since 1974, he's been the sagely owner of McMillan’s Bar-B-Q, and the only thing bigger than Louis’ personality is his knowledge of barbecue. For Russell and Anthony, their pilgrimage deep into Texas to watch and learn from this old-school master is something they’ll always remember.

Watch the video and see how Louis generously shares what are normally carefully guarded barbecue secrets with the two up-and-comers.

Discover Texas One Bite at a Time

Fannin is a small community located just two and a half hours south of Austin and two hours southeast of San Antonio. The town is the home of McMillan’s Bar-B-Q, which was named among the top 50 barbecue joints in the country by Texas Monthly.




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Your Turn

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