Road Trip Essentials

Planning a road trip?  Make sure to bring these road trip essentials to make it a smooth and memorable journey!

1.  GPS (or a traffic app like Waze)

2.  Cooler (for cold drinks and food)

3.  Travel mug/cup (to prevent spills and keep your drinks warm or cold)

4.  Comfortable shoes (break out those worn in tennis shoes)

5.  Air Fresheners (plug these into your air vents when the car starts smelling like those tennis shoes)

6.  Facial Tissue (you never know when you might sneeze)

7.  Snacks (Trail mix makes an ideal dry snack for road tripping)

8.  Roadside Emergency Kit (better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it)

9.  Charger for cell phone, tablet or laptop (to keep those electronic gadgets ready when you need them)

10.  Music (did you know you can get Sirius XM Radio with your Enterprise rental car?)

11.  Road Trip Games for the kids (I Spy is a great game for all ages)

12.  Blankets and pillows (for sleeping)

  Bottled water (for when you’re thirsty)

14.  Wet Wipes and Paper Towels (for when you make a mess)

15.  Sunglasses (in case the sun comes out)

16.  Books, magazines, crossword puzzles, etc. (none of these require charging)

17.  Headphones (in case you don’t share the same taste in music)

18.  Empty Gas Can (refer to #8)

And, finally, make sure to let family and friends know your itinerary, where you're going and when you plan on arriving at your final destination. We hope you enjoy your trip!

Road Trip Ideas

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