Travel One and Enterprise: Common Values Lead to Joint Success

A long-standing business relationship founded on trust, communication, fun and hard work is at the heart of this unique pairing. 

When you’re in the experiential business, as is the case with travel management company Travel One, you often rely on two key ingredients to survive and thrive: trust and relationships. 
Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Travel One is a family-owned business run by two brothers, Bill and Steve Neuman. The organization has a long-standing business relationship with Enterprise that dates back more than 12 years and relies precisely on those two qualities to succeed. 
“We can’t control many elements of a trip, so when we find a company like Enterprise that is a trusted company, we stick with them,” says Bill Neuman, president and co-owner of Travel One. “We’ve gotten to this point where we have a nice trusting relationship, and we value that.” 
The intricately linked business relationship that stands today is built on a common set of core values between the two organizations. 
“There are so many similarities of our cultures,” adds Erika Beaucage, travel management company sales manager for Enterprise. “We both want to have fun at work and we both want each other to succeed. You have to find something fun in the course of a business relationship to really keep it going.” 
The value of this strong business relationship includes regular and ongoing consultations, ad-hoc troubleshooting, ongoing strategizing, and unique collaborations that benefit both Enterprise and Travel One. For example, Travel One hosts regular travel advisories and invites Enterprise, as its trusted ground transportation provider and a leading brand in the travel space, to speak and update its workforce and customers on notable trends and developments. 
“Enterprise enriches our travel forums, and we like having these travel forums because it helps us really position ourselves as thought leaders in the marketplace. It’s a way we can educate and talk about what’s relevant with our travel managers,” Neuman says. 
Beaucage adds that this type of ongoing communication is central to the strength of Enterprise’s relationship with Travel One and its customers. “Travel is always evolving and changing, and what might work today might not work six months from now,” she says.  
Watch the video to learn more about Enterprise and Travel One’s collaborative and fruitful business relationship. 
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