Serving the Military and Their Families is More Than Business. It's an Honor.

Proud to Serve Those Who Serve

From Enterprise’s presence on military bases, to supporting service men and women in our community, it’s Enterprise’s honor to go the extra mile for the people who go above and beyond for our country.

Our History

Our founder, Jack Taylor, selected the name Enterprise as a salute to the WWII aircraft carrier he served on, the USS Enterprise (CV-6). Jack, a decorated WWII Navy Hellcat fighter pilot, founded the company using the lessons he learned in the military about honor, respect and integrity, as well as the philosophy that if you “take care of your customers and employees first, profits will follow”. 

Over the past six decades, that philosophy has manifested itself in professional, exemplary customer service from empowered employees, and today, the name embodies Enterprise’s ongoing commitment to those who serve our nation and communities.  

Carried On

Jack’s lessons from his time in the Navy steadfastly instilled, Enterprise continues to honor Jack’s legacy and leadership by supporting and training military members and their families in a variety of ways.  From being the only car rental provider contracted to service more than 70 U.S. military bases to being actively engaged in military charities, support programs and veteran employment – our founder Jack’s philosophy will always be what drives Enterprise. 

Car Rental Discounts

Enterprise is proud to support military, government and veterans with special car rental rates for leisure travel and government travel purposes. 


The magic formula? Equal parts employee support and customer service

"It was the first time I thought I could recreate that same cultural feel I had in Germany all those years ago. My time in the military has been invaluable to my career at Enterprise. The discipline, attention to detail and ability to adapt quickly—all learned during my military experience—have helped me get past many obstacles in my path. I think Enterprise is a great place for transitioning military and veterans dedicated to building a career and growing with a company that wants its employees to succeed.”

It’s all about support

The best part of joining Enterprise? Support. Being in the military is not just a job; it's a way of life. Here you'll work with people who have walked in your shoes. You’ll be surrounded by people who respect where you've been. People who’ve got your back, and recognize and reward individuals for their performance and commitment to teamwork. Our employees work together to support our mission and each other—all while taking pride in a job well done.


There are Enterprise rental facilities on more than 65 US military bases across the country.


As part of Keys to Progress®, we’ve donated more than 250 vehicles (with auto insurance) to military members.

A New Mission

"I was first drawn to Enterprise by the chance to be in control of my own career. I began as a Management Trainee and worked my way up to a Branch Manager." -Patrick F.

"In all of my rental operations roles, including my current position, I’ve been able to utilize the leadership and team-building skills I learned during my eight years of service in the Marine Corps. The team-oriented structure and performance-based promotion criteria really helped me in my transition to a civilian career."

There’s Something Special in Knowing You’re Part of a Team

We’re here to help make your transition easier, with the training and support you need to be successful. Here’s what to bring your first day of work—and every day after: your experience and drive for new challenges that you learned in the military. Those are the types of skills we’re looking for, and those are the skills that make Enterprise better. Patrick F. is the perfect example of coming in and hitting the ground running.