Youth Sports Fundraising Program

Earn 5% for your team on qualifying rentals

As part of our commitment to youth sports, Enterprise is making it easier for youth athletic teams and activity groups to raise money for team expenses through its Youth Sports Fundraising Program, allowing supporters to contribute to their favorite teams and groups when booking qualifying rentals through Enterprise.

How? It’s as easy as a click. We provide a link to our website that includes a tracking code for your team. You can share the link with friends, family, even coworkers on your website or social media. When someone clicks that link, reserves and rents a car from Enterprise’s over 7,600 locations, your team earns 5% commission.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a variety of links to suit your site. You can choose from logos, banners and promotional text links. We encourage teams to check for the current offer link options. 

Each link you post from our programs contains a special tracking code that is used to track your sales performance. Every time someone clicks on one of the links and makes a reservation that results in a rental, we will credit your account with 5% commission following the rental’s completion.

Teams earn a 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated when a customer links directly from your team’s site to the Enterprise branded site and makes a reservation resulting in a rental. Full terms and conditions are listed in the affiliate agreement.

For more information about the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Affiliate Programs, please email us at