The below are options available to assist with account implementation. 

If we assist with your enrollment from start to finish, your account’s enrollment activity will be tracked on a 30-60-90 day schedule to verify that they are enrolling and renting. You will also receive a Welcome packet as a part of the Implementation process. 


Please enter the account name to display on collateral: 

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You will receive a Welcome packet automatically when completing this form. The flyers included:  

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Welcome to Enterprise and National
  3. Welcome to Emerald Club
  4. Program Summary if requested
  5. FAQ's
  6. ADR Flyer
  7. Accident Reporting and Roadside 

Expanded Welcome Packet    

Additional Flyers Available for Request

Program Summary:

A customized consolidated document outlining the overview of current rates, surcharges, and T&C's.

Click Here for Sample

Program Summary Options:

Executive & Executive Elite Enrollment Links:

Valid for 30 days per year.

Elevated Tier Enrollment Link Options

Select all that apply.

EC Microsite for

Customized version that shows the Account Name and applies the Account Number to profiles via the embedded EC Enrollment Link.

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Would you like to have a Microsite created for this Account?*

Elink (Reservation Link):

An elink is a reservation page hosted on EHI servers that automatically applies the Account Number.

Includes reservation links for Enterprise and National as well as an Emerald Club enrollment link.

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PBK (Reservation Link):

A PBK is a reservation page that automatically applies the Account Number.

PBKs come in 3 varieties:

  • LANDING PAGE (Standard): Page is hosted on EHI servers. This is the most frequently used PBK request.  
    Click here for Sample
  • WIDGET: Booking engine embedded directly on the partner’s website. 
    We provide a JAVA code snippet.
  • SITE: Page is hosted on EHI servers. Provides multiple landing pages and sites.
    Click here for Sample
Would you like to have a PBK created for this Account?*

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