Selecting a Car Rental Company for Business Travel

Travel is an essential part of business. And with so many options, choosing a rental car company that understands company needs can be difficult. Enterprise and National will work with you to develop a rental program that fits all of your company’s needs - not just some.

When it comes to business travel, companies must balance their needs with their budget. But these are only two pieces of the business travel puzzle:

  • Does a business need specific vehicles?
  • Or a fleet with flexible rental lengths?
  • Maybe they’re looking for more convenience when it comes to picking up and returning rentals.

Both Enterprise and National can identify travel needs for businesses of any size and develop comprehensive travel solutions that help minimize friction while maximizing productivity.

Identify and Understand Business Needs

How does a company define success? Is it by reducing costs or increasing employee traveler satisfaction? Maybe aligning business priorities with compliance responsibilities is the main goal for a company? Whatever the case, understanding how a business evaluates a successful travel program is critical to developing policies and effective supplier partnerships. It’s also important to know who in the organization is making business travel decisions. Knowing the key stakeholders is imperative when crafting a travel policy. (For example: things that matter to someone in “Risk” will not necessarily matter as much to someone in “Finance” or “Procurement.”)

Manage Travel with a Dedicated Account Manager

Our program assigns a dedicated, hands-on account manager to each business client to help with onboarding and addressing concerns specific to each company, including educating travelers on how to use the business rental program, the benefits of Emerald Club and developing metrics to measure the success of the implemented plan. The account manager will also perform a broad assessment of all travel options available to illustrate potential savings; not just at an individual level, but on a company-wide level. Finally, he or she will conduct quarterly business reviews to discuss changing business needs, provide updates on the business rental program and offer ways to help improve efficiency, compliance, savings and more.

The Enterprise and National Difference

Having an extensive network of neighborhood and airport car rental locations, alongside unparalleled customer service, means convenience and security for your travelers, no matter their destination. But that’s just the start of what Enterprise and National can do for businesses. Our programs offer mobility solutions that keep companies moving forward, including: