Hechtel Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Hechtel

Hechtel is a small but charming town just 24 kilometers from Besselt in Belgium. Its closest Belgian airport is 35 kilometers away. Eindhoven Airport places you mere steps from an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch, so you can pick up your vehicle before heading north along the N74, which ultimately becomes the N2.

What to do and see in Hechtel

Hechtel is a small town with a huge personality. It might not be known for its tourist hot spots, but its many attractions are sure to take your trip to new heights. The town is nestled between two important nature reserves that encompass several biomes. De Teut is a lush, dog-friendly habitat with a popular 6.1-km hiking trail. Cyclists adore the Houthalen-East and Houthalen-Helchteren routes for their wooded trails. If you have a rental car in Hechtel, the parking lot south of Military Domain will place you within walking distance of the reserve.

If you prefer to enjoy nature when there are 15 holes involved, Voetgolf combines soccer and golf into a two-hour game. If you're traveling with young children, Oostappen Park Blauwe Meer has a shallow lake with its own playground equipment. Rent a bike, take a walk with Fido or relax in the nearby sauna. There are also beach volleyball and basketball courts for energetic travelers.

Nothing portrays Hechtel-Eksel's old-world charm better than its Old Market, which has all the Belgian cuisine you could wish for. It might only have one road, but it's crammed with cafés and bistros. Be sure to taste WURST's famous gourmet "haute dogs" while you're in the area.

Every cyclist's dream trail lies seven minutes from Hechtel. Bosland is a densely wooded area with roaming sky trails and surreal structures. You'll cycle through the trees of the Pijnven Nature Reserve, where coniferous branches almost touch the sky. The route passes a series of old watermills and lakes. The trails can be followed on foot or horseback, and the Bosland treasure hunts will add a generous dose of adventure to your experience.

Hechtel's Star Mill and Millers House are cherished examples of the past, and you can still visit them today. The windmill was built in 1801 and has a characteristic star shape on top. The house once belonged to a 19th-century miller, but it's now been transformed into a museum. Its exhibits tools and furniture that illustrate the lifestyles of its ancient inhabitants. If you take a guided tour, you'll see a live demonstration of the mill in action. The museum doesn't forget its younger tourists, who can take a traditional bread-making workshop.

Sint-Lambertuskerk is right in downtown Hechtel. This Roman Catholic Church is decorated with ornate arches and beautifully lit stained glass windows. Don't be fooled by its unassuming exterior – it's well worth the visit.

Driving in Hechtel

The N715 runs straight through the middle of Hechtel-Eksel. The N73 will carry you into the east, while the N747 will connect you to Eksel toward the northeast. The N715 experiences congestion at the southern border of the town, so take the off-ramp into Dom Boscostraat during peak hour. You might also experience traffic jams at the N74 off-ramp.

As you enter the town, you'll start encountering Hechtel's narrow, winding streets. Motorists drive on the right side just like in the US, but you may want to slow down until you get used to the twists and turns. Hechtel also has several traffic circles. Yield right and use your turn signal as you exit. The town relies on European signage. If you're entering from a non-EU state, we recommend some pre-vacation road sign studies.

The town itself rarely experiences traffic jams, but if you're in a hurry, stay away from Kerkstraat, Heuvelstraat, and Oude Baan during rush hour. These are the town's busiest streets, and they experience moderate traffic flow between 5:30 pm and 9:00 am every morning. Evening rush hour falls between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. Even so, if you're a city dweller, Hechtel's "traffic jams" will remind you of a quiet Sunday morning.

If you are renting a car or van in Hechtel, make sure to follow the town's strict parking laws by sticking to designated, clearly marked areas and parking lots. You can buy a blue zone parking disk if you're counting pennies. This will buy you two hours of free parking at applicable lots. Most on-street parking is paid, so keep your eye open for parking meters.

There are a few commercial parking lots on either side of the N73 as you enter the town. Parking De Schans is a well-maintained open-air lot right along popular transit routes. You can also park at Twaalf Septemberplein or Bosland Pijven.

Belgian traffic regulations require you to carry your vehicle safety (controle technique) certificate, insurance papers and passport when you drive. Short-term visitors may carry a US driver's license. If you're visiting for less than 185 days, you can rely on your International Driving Permit.

Belgians have been rated some of the most stressed drivers in Europe, but local roads are well-maintained with plenty of direction signs. Hechtel is thus an easy town to navigate, provided you have a GPS on hand.