Middelkerke Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Middelkerke

The nearest airport to Middelkerke is Ostend-Bruges International. It's a little over 9 km away. You can pick up an Enterprise Rent-A-Car just outside the airport at De Kalkaert 24, on the eastern boundary of Middelkerke. If you're arriving by train, the nearest station is Ostend, some 12 km away.

What to do and see in Middelkerke

Located on Belgium's northern coast, Middelkerke is a seaside resort that benefits from kilometers of sandy beaches and a thriving local community. Middelkerke is ideal for families. The gently sloping shoreline means that children can splash around in safety while parents enjoy the sunshine. And the dune-based landscape here in northern Belgium has no shortage of beaches. The sand stretches over 70 km, from Dunkerque in the west all the way to the port of Zeebrugge and beyond.

Given the extent of the sand, you won't be surprised to find a range of beach-based attractions. A great sight for children and adults alike is Zandsculpturen Ostend, located just to the west of Middelkerke. Here they take sandcastles to the next level! As well as fairytale castles, you'll find dinosaurs, ancient landscapes and more, all sculpted in sand.

For more active youngsters, Adventure Park is a great resource. Featuring four zip lines and five challenge courses, it'll keep the kids busy all day. But the seashore isn't just for children. Destinations like the Pata Pata Beach Bar offer daytime refreshments as well as nighttime vibrancy. For something a little more daring, try Casino Middelkerke. And everyone will enjoy X-Treme Bowling, which is handy if the weather doesn't turn out as well as you'd like.

Worth a special mention is Dronkenput. The name means, literally, 'drunken pit' but don't let that put you off. It's actually a wartime bunker that has partially sunk into the sand, meaning the whole building is at an angle. This disorienting experience combines historical significance with typical Belgian quirkiness.

If you're interested in competitive cycling, you're in luck when you visit Middelkerke. The Noordzeecross is a major cyclocross event held every February. It's a stage on the Superprestige championship and has been held every year since 1959.

Traveling a little further away, you'll find Ostend, around 10 km away to the northeast. This historic city has much to explore, including the neo-Gothic Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Just inland, the capital of West Flanders, Bruges, is well worth a visit too. It's one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, with some fascinating architecture. The Church of Our Lady, for example, has the second-highest brick tower in the world. Bruges is also famed for its lace, so it's a great place to pick up some souvenirs.

Driving in Middelkerke

The main thoroughfare in Middelkerke is the N34, which runs along the coast from Adinkerke a few kilometers to the west to its termination in Knokke-Heist, just east of Zeebrugge. The N324 parallels the N34 just 500 m to the southeast. If you've decided to rent a car or van in Middelkerke, this is the route you'll take to get downtown. It's also the main road connecting Ostend-Bruges International Airport.

The N324 also leads to Ostend in the northeast and branches off toward Stene on the N318. To the west, it leads back to the N34. Whether you arrive on the N34 or the N324, as you come into downtown Middelkerke, you'll meet the main crossroad, Kerkstraat, which will take you directly to the ocean front. This road also joins up with the N325 for travel further inland.

You'll find a number of parking lots as well as on-street parking in Middelkerke. Parking is divided into four zones: red, green, pink and yellow. Red is the most restrictive, with a maximum parking time of two hours. It's also the most expensive, with charges per 15-minute period. At the other end of the range, yellow zone parking allows you to park for up to seven days and costs a flat rate per day. Middelkerke also has a number of 'Shop & Go' parking spaces, which allow you 30 minutes of free parking for quick shopping trips.

Aside from a couple of pedestrian areas on the ocean front, the Zeedijk, driving is mostly unrestricted in Middelkerke. The town's main routes follow a grid structure that aligns with the coast, so it's easy to orient yourself. Roads in the Netherlands are well-maintained, and signage is generally clear.

The annual Noordzeecross cyclocross race takes place each February. It usually follows a route in the Sportpark, just to the southwest of central Middelkerke. Generally, only one public road is included in the route, the Westendlaan. However, because this is a popular event, you may find the town busier than usual, so traffic congestion can be expected.

Renting a car in Middelkerke also makes it easy to take longer trips. The N34 will take you to the nearby towns of Nieuwpoort, Koksijde and Ostend. And you can hop on the E40 to travel to Ghent and Brussels. In the other direction, the E40 joins up with the A16 in France, leading you to Calais, Boulogne and other French coastal resorts.