Mol Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Mol

Mol is located in the province of Antwerp, and the nearest airports are Antwerp and Eindhoven, each just over 50 km away. Car rental in Mol is available through Enterprise Rent-A-Car at Eindhoven airport, which is located at Luchthavenweg 13B, just to the left of the terminal. Mol also has a mainline train station in the downtown area.

What to do and see in Mol

Mol is a medium-sized town and a popular destination for Belgian, Dutch and international travelers. It has a lively downtown with varied stores and restaurants, as well as many historical and religious buildings. You can enjoy the pleasures of nature in its nearby woods and lakes. As for urban benefits, the major cities of Brussels and Antwerp are only a short drive away.

Mol's tourist information center is a good place to start your explorations. They may direct you first to the church of St Peter and St Paul since it's right next door. This church is a mid-19th-century neo-Gothic basilica with a tower dating back to 1500. But it's not the only religious monument worth visiting. You should also take a trip to the 15 Chapels, built in 1815 by Father Helsen van Geel and now constituting a protected monument.

Perhaps the area's most famous historical religious building, the Abdij van Postel (Postel Abbey), lies just a few kilometers to the north of Mol. The abbey was originally constructed in the 12th century in the Rhineland Romanesque style. The beautiful buildings are complemented by enchanting botanic gardens with a range of medicinal plants.

You'll find further examples of traditional Flemish architecture throughout Mol. A couple of good cases are the Huis de Clercq on Mol's Markt and the imposing building that now houses the local Academy of Visual Arts. For greater historical insight, take a look around the Jakob Smits museum. This small institution is dedicated to the work of local painter Jakob Smits. It offers a unique insight into the life and culture of Flemish people in and around Mol in the 19th century.

The countryside around Mol is a big draw for tourists, especially the woodland lakes. The two main attractions are Zilvermeer and Zilverstrand. These resorts are a favorite with kids and adults alike. They feature extensive, white sandy beaches, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Zilvermeer also has an underwater museum for divers. If the weather's poor, you may always retreat to the indoor swimming pool at Zilverstrand.

There are several stores selling local produce and specialties. Of these, 't Soete is well worth your time, with its enticing confectionery. Belgian chocolate is rightly prized throughout the world, and this little delicatessen specializes in locally-produced pralines and other treats. Plus, there are usually free tastings!

Driving in Mol

Car or van rental in Mol opens up many opportunities for navigating the town and its surroundings. The main town bypass is the N71 highway, with several access points from downtown. This route, as well as the northbound N18, will get you to destinations such as Antwerp, Liège, Brussels and the beautiful city of Maastricht.

In terms of infrastructure, driving in Belgium is a pleasure. Generally, the major roads are kept in good condition, and junctions are logical and well-signed. If you have concerns about driving at night in a foreign country, rest assured that Belgium's roads are among Europe's best-lit, making night navigation safer and easier than in some places.

Belgium has similar speed restrictions to the European average. Built-up areas are generally 50 km/h, with lower limits near schools (30 km/h) and in residential areas (20 km/h). In the Flanders region, where Mol is located, the limit is 70 km/h outside urban areas, but in the rest of the country, it's 90 km/h. Freeways and divided highways with a median strip have a maximum speed limit of 120 km/h. It's important to bear in mind that Belgium also has a minimum speed limit of 70 km/h on freeways.

Vehicle speeds are monitored by cameras, speed traps and unmarked vehicles, and you could be subject to a hefty on-the-spot fine if you break the limits. You can also be fined for driving in bus lanes. A final word of caution for fast roads: Belgium has a reputation for tail-gating, and road accidents are more common than we'd like. Be sure to keep your distance and drive with care.

Another important thing to look out for is bicycles. Like the Netherlands, Belgium is mainly flat and in urban environments, the bike is often the preferred local means of transport. Be especially alert at junctions and when turning. There are plenty of bike lanes, and you should certainly not drive in these, but if there is no bike lane, bear in mind that it is illegal to pass within one meter of a cyclist.

Mol itself is generally quite accessible by car, with numerous parking lots in the downtown area. Be careful on Sundays, as things can get a little congested with Mol's weekly Animal Market. It's visited by hundreds of traders from across Belgium and internationally, so you may do better on foot on market days.