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Wommelgem lies only 13 kilometers from Belgium's largest city, Antwerp, and 68 km from Ghent. Bus services to Antwerp operate every few minutes, connecting it to the rest of the Flemish Region and beyond. If you prefer to drive to Wommelgem, you can pick up a vehicle from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches in Brussels and Charleroi airports. These are located 50 kilometers and 116 kilometers away, respectively.

What to do and see in Womelgem

Thanks to its proximity to Europe's second-largest city and the unofficial capital of Flanders, Antwerp, the municipality of Wommelgem is a thriving satellite town that welcomes tourists year-round. You might be planning for beer and waffles to feature heavily in your itinerary, but there's so much more to this Belgian gem.

For culture fans, Wommelgem architecture is an absolute treat. Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Boodschapkerk (Our Lady of the Message) is a Catholic church situated at the intersection of Maria Clarastraat and Volkaerslei. Originally part of a privately owned estate, this understated brick building and its prominent bell gable were built in 1935. Less than a 10-minute drive away is the much more opulent Heilige Petrus en Pauluskerk (Saint Peter and Paul). Dating back to the 13th century, this Gothic church was bombed in WWII and only fully restored in 1968. The Art Deco style in-aisle confessionals and marble baptismal font, designed by Julien De Ridder, are a particular draw.

Perhaps the most unusual local building is Feestzaal Fort, one of eight brick forts built by architect and captain Henri Alexis Brialmont some 150 years ago. With two armored turrets, also known as Fort 2, the building is home to several associations and five museums, including the Provincial Police Museum, the Musical Instrument Museum and the World War Museum. Guided tours can be booked on Wommelgem's official website. If you would like a bit of fresh air, go for a stroll along the nearby canal and see vestiges of the area's fortified farms.

If you're traveling with kids, the 'De Kaeck' Museum paints an engaging picture of Wommelgem society and local history. See a printing company from the 20th century, a milliner, a shoemaker, a diamond factory, agricultural equipment, a village school, a post office, a café and even a village store.

Visitors who want to make the most of their rental car or van in Wommelgem can easily travel further out. The list of must-see sites includes the Natural History Museum in Boekenberg, which is housed in a cave complex, and the Flemish Tram and Bus Museum in Berchem, housed in a 1912 streetcar shed. Antwerp is brimming with landmarks and cultural sites, so you will have plenty of things to choose from.

Finally, no trip would be complete without a stop at the Stampe & Vertongen Museum. Located right by Antwerp Airport, the whole family will enjoy exhibits about famous local aviation pioneers, the aircraft factory and flight school. Best of all? The opportunity to get close to a number of still-flight-worthy WWII planes!

Driving in Womelgem

With an area of only 13 square kilometers, Wommelgem is a town you can drive across in 10 minutes. Its stretch of the E313 European route and UN International E-road network that connects Antwerp to Liège is only 10 kilometers long. It connects with the A13, R11, N16 and various smaller offshoots, so driving in and out of Wommelgem is a breeze. A significant portion of the town is rural, and its country roads are often single-lane, so drivers should plan their trips ahead and keep to the main roads.

As in the rest of Belgium, people drive on the right side of the road, yield to the right and pass on the left. If you're driving your rental car in Wommelgem, you should avoid passing on bike lanes, as they could endanger pedestrians or cyclists. Also, you must always keep a distance of at least one meter from mopeds or bikes while passing. But in terms of traffic, it should be relatively easy even for people who don't know the area to get around since it's not a densely populated town and many of the locals prefer to cycle.

While Wommelgem is not part of the Low Emission Zone, Antwerp is. So, drivers should check that their vehicles are compliant before setting off. In terms of the right of way, Wommelgem visitors should remember that a tram service operates in Antwerp and that trams are exempt from the rule that says vehicles from the right take priority. Also, since it's less than 30 kilometers from the border with The Netherlands, Wommelgem is a great pit stop en route to Rotterdam and other Dutch destinations. But drivers should bear in mind that some of the driving rules may be different here, such as the right to pass on the right side in a slow line.

Finally, when driving in Wommelgem, pay attention to the speed limit and do not exceed it by more than 10 km/h or risk getting on-the-spot fines. The limit in residential areas is 20 km/h, and most school zones enforce a 30 km/h limit. Most rural areas allow speeds of up to 70 km/h, while a 120 km/h speed limit is in force on freeways.