Sofia Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Sofia

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a city of many faces. Tourists from all over the world are warming up to its ancient and contemporary culture, as well as its ever-changing skyline, enticing cuisines, and vibrant everyday life. The capital city is a venerable European metropolis with over two million inhabitants. For travelers visiting Sofia, it definitely lends itself best explored on four wheels. While there's a lot to see downtown, many of Sofia's charming and intriguing spots are spread out throughout the city. In order to see and do all that the city has to offer, visitors to Sophia should seek out their own private car rental. With a rental car, you'll have more time to enjoy your stay, rather than spending time waiting in taxi queues or riding crowded metro lines. For those who want to travel Sophia and get on with their journey, visit an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch. Enterprise is one of the world's most trusted car rental providers, and they even have a branch conveniently located at Sophia International Airport. Enterprise also has another branch in the downtown area, right in the heart of Sophia's city center.

Our Vehicles For Rent In Sofia

Sofia is a popular destination for many types of tourists. Every traveler and each journey comes with its own vehicular needs. For instance, young and urban visitors might prefer renting a premium, economy vehicle that's compact, fuel-efficient, and agile. With a compact car, they can easily blend in and manoeuvre seamlessly through the city's bustling streets. On the other hand, an outdoorsy family would benefit greatly from the superior handling of a rugged 4x4 SUV or a quality people carrier that comfortably seats 7 to 9 people. Enterprise has a constantly evolving fleet of modern cars for rent. The friendly staff at Enterprise is always happy to help accommodate the needs of every traveler when it comes to booking a hassle-free car rental.

At The Airport

Sofia International Airport (SOF) is approximately 10 kilometres east of Sofia's city center, and it serves over 6.5 million passengers annually. Enterprise has a car rental branch at SOF airport, conveniently located in the arrivals hall inside Terminal 2. Enterprise's friendly and helpful staff is always available to help, ensuring that renting a car in Sofia is quick, easy, and hassle-free, so travelers can quickly continue on with whatever is planned in their itineraries. If you booked your vehicle in advance, the pickup process takes only a few moments, and if you're looking to find a car rental on the spot, their award-winning customer care professionals will make sure you get a car that best fits your holiday plans.

Attractions In Sofia

Sofia's charms span over many generations. Driving into the city center, you'll notice sprawling parks with monuments and architecture from the 19th century next to Soviet-style blocks and imposing statues, which in turn, gives way to ultra-modern offices and residential buildings. The downtown area of Sofia is rich with many architectural and cultural attractions that date as far back as 7th century B.C. There are more artefacts to be seen at the National Historical Museum, which is located in the eastern suburb of Boyana. Scattered across the city, visitors will surely find no shortage of modern gourmet restaurants, ensuring that culinary lovers and explorers will leave both satisfied and yearning for more.

Cheap Car Rental In Sofia

When it comes to quality, reliability, and value, Enterprise tops the list as the leading car rental provider in Sofia. They have very competitive rental rates, especially when booking online. By booking your rental car in advance, you'll be able to take advantage of many great car rental deals that offer additional savings and value. Since many popular vehicle classes and select models are often the first to be booked full, making a reservation ahead of time can definitely pay off. Whether you're going for an extended stay or a weekend getaway in Sofia, you'll be able to allocate more of your holiday funds to activities and events, thanks to Enterprise's top-quality vehicles and cheap rental rates.

Places To Visit Outside Sofia

Sofia is favorably located in a plain, circumscribed by several beautiful mountains that entice the city with their soft curves and rounded peaks. Among them, Vitosha is by far the most popular, and it's only 17 kilometres southeast of Sofia. Travelers can easily drive to Vitosha in their car rental and take in deep breaths of crisp, fresh mountain air. Those who like to adventure, can enjoy a hike through pristine forests or walk alongside clear mountain springs. For the culturally curious, an escapade to the 12th-century Boyanska Church, which is located in a quiet suburb, offers unique sights and tells many stories of life in the once-mighty Bulgarian kingdom.

Parking And Traffic Information In Sofia

Like any capital city, traffic in Sofia is quite active, especially during early-morning and late-afternoon peaks. Even so, getting around by car is still very easy, and it is certainly the most reliable and comfortable option. Bulgarian driving culture is decidedly Mediterranean, making it easy for everyone to quickly adjust to the natural flow of traffic in Sofia. If you're looking to park your car rental downtown, you'll find that it's very accessible and easy to find. Sofia has two different regulated parking zones, which includes blue zones and green zones. Blue zones allow you to park up to 2 hours at a time, while green zones allow up to 4 hours at a time. Be punctual when it comes time to take your car out. If you need more time to explore, you can always go back and repark your Enterprise car to start the timer new again. With a trusty car rental from Enterprise, exploring the exciting city of Sofia on four wheels is an absolute breeze.