Zurich Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland's biggest, liveliest, and most well-connected city. Every year, millions of visitors experience the charm of its history, culture, nature, and beauty. For a relatively small city, it can be a little overwhelming. Zurich has no shortage of activities, and because there are so many sights to see, time will always seem to fall short for travelers to the city. The best way to make the most of your time during your trip is to rent a reliable rental car in Zurich. With your own private car rental to use, you can comfortably drive across town in style, and plan activities according to your own schedule. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has quality vehicles for rent at Zurich International Airport, as well as another conveniently located branch in the downtown area of Zurich. Waiting at every Enterprise office is a team of friendly professionals and a set of keys with your name on it. With Enterprise, you can pre-book your vehicle or spontaneously drop in and rent a car on the spot. Once you're finally behind the wheel of your Enterprise car rental, the rest of your trip in and around Zurich will become easier and much more special.

Our Vehicles for Rental in Zurich

In line with Switzerland's diverse tourist offerings, Enterprise also keeps a varied modern fleet of vehicles for rental. Enterprise wants to ensure that they have an ideal car for every taste. If you're flying in for a quick weekend trip and have plans for exploration and relaxation, Enterprise has a variety of comfortable sedans and 4x4s that can make every mini-trip fun. They even offer a great selection of premium and luxury sedans that will definitely turn some heads, even in one of Europe's most understatedly opulent cities. If you're visiting with a large group of travelers, Enterprise also offers comfortable people carriers that can accommodate up to 9 people. These high-quality vehicles can take you to all of the destinations on your list of things to see and do in Zurich, quickly and conveniently. For every occasion, there is a fitting vehicle in Enterprise's selection.

At the Airport

Zurich International Airport is located in the town of Kloten, which is approximately 10 kilometers from the downtown area of Zurich. For maximum convenience, Enterprise has a branch that offers great car rentals at the airport itself. As you arrive, Enterprise's desk is easy to spot inside the airport's arrivals hall. The friendly and professional staff at Enterprise will assist you to ensure your pre-booked vehicle rental can be driven away as quickly as possible. If you're looking to rent a car on the spot, their staff will be more than happy to help you choose the most appropriate vehicle according to your trip's agenda. After you pick up your Enterprise car rental at Zurich Airport, you can drive into town quickly and conveniently via the A1L or A51 motorway. From there on, your journey can commence with all the comforts and ease that you would expect from having your own personal transport.

Attractions in Zurich

Zurich offers versatile entertainment and cultural options for everyone, from the avid museum-goer to the active outdoorsman. You can take your Enterprise rental car and buzz through downtown on a gallery or museum tour. The Museum of Art, historic Old Town, and Lindenhof Castle are all great perimeters to cover if you are staying downtown. Zurich Zoo is another fantastic destination, where a rich collection of animals roam free. The zoo is sure to entertain and endear every visitor, young and old alike.

Cheap Car Rental in Zurich

Enterprise offers a number of discounts for those who book ahead of time, including weekend rentals and other special promotions. When planning your trip to Zurich, it is best to visit their website and explore your options in advance to ensure you get the absolute best price on the perfect car for your trip. If you enjoy the thrill of being spontaneous, Enterprise will gladly consult on the spot as well, but for the best rates, it can certainly pay off to do a little searching online beforehand.

Places to Visit Outside Zurich

The beautiful Lake Zurich is attached to the edge of Old Town, and it will entice you to discover its many nooks and folds. You can park roadside and enjoy beautiful sights and serene landscapes, where Alpine peaks descend into crystal waters. Mount Uetliberg rises majestically on the opposite side of the city. Driving up it, you will enjoy breathtaking panoramas that display Zurich's beautiful amalgamation between architecture and nature. If you feel like taking an entire day-trip, a drive to nearby Lichtenstein and Heidiland will let you cover two countries in one trip, as well as offer a galore of mountainous beauty.

Parking and Traffic Information in Zurich

Traffic in Zurich is often busy, but the Swiss government planned and regulated it with traditional Swiss accuracy, so driving is still very convenient and preferable, especially if you're visiting for only a few days. On-street parking is limited and tightly regulated, but there are numerous car parks around Zurich that will accommodate you as you drive from location to location. Most special destinations, like the Zoo, offer their own convenient parking.