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To get to Brno, you can fly into Brno-Turany Airport, 7.5 km from downtown. There's an Enterprise Rent-a-Car office at the airport, so you can pick up your car right away.

What to do and see in Brno

Brno, the second largest city in Czechia, is often overlooked in favor of Prague. However, when you travel here, you're in for a treat. This charming city has its own unique vibe, with striking architecture, fascinating history and great places to eat and drink. This is a student city, so you can expect great nightlife and plenty of low-cost fun during the academic year. Visit in summer, and you'll find an entirely different city, one that's far quieter.

Start your tour of Brno by wandering the old town, exploring the narrow alleys, old buildings and traditional markets. Take a detour into the Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, the city's most spectacular building. This 12th-century cathedral sits on Petrov Hill and can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Once you go inside, you'll see a stunning Baroque interior. You can climb the cathedral's tower for the best views around.

Another site with great views is the Old Town Hall. When you enter, watch out for the stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling. This odd sight is said to represent a legendary dragon that menaced the townsfolk in years gone by. Within the town hall, you can climb the 174 steps to the observation deck. Don't panic - there are informative signs and exhibits along the way, allowing you to stop and catch your breath.

The Capuchin Crypt in Brno is one of the city's most famous attractions, though it's not recommended for the faint of heart. Inside you can see the mummified remains of many Capuchin friars. Due to the order's vow of poverty, the friars believed that coffins were an unnecessary expense. As such, their bodies were left uncovered in the crypt, and today, they have become a morbid but fascinating tourist attraction.

Rent a car in Brno to enjoy some great day trips. One of the best is the Lednice-Valtice complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see the stunning Baroque Valtice Castle and the nearby Lednice Château. This opulent complex gives you a glimpse into how aristocrats lived in the past.

If you prefer something more natural, take advantage of a rental car or van in Brno and head to the Moravian Karsts Show Caves. You'll be given a helmet, a head lamp and coveralls, and you can choose a number of different routes to explore the interior of this huge cave complex.

Driving in Brno

When driving in Brno, you should be aware of a few hazards on the streets. As this is a student city, you can expect a large number of both pedestrians and cyclists. Always check carefully when getting out of a parked vehicle to make sure that you're not going to bump into a bike. You'll also be sharing the road with trams. Always pass trams on the right. It is illegal to pass them on the left. Trams have right of way over both cars and pedestrians.

Brno has a complex parking system for residents, but it's far simpler for visitors. The city is divided into three zones: A, B and C. Zone A covers the historic downtown area. Visiting drivers cannot enter this zone without a permit. Zone B is a ring around downtown, and Zone C covers the rest of the city. You can park in both of these zones, with the rates being cheaper in Zone C.

You can pay for parking in Brno in several different ways. There are parking meters in Zone B, which accept coins or cards. You can also pay via text or by using a mobile app.

If you want to drive on Czech freeways, you will need to buy a toll sticker. These are available for different periods, from ten days to one year. Driving on highways or other toll routes without a toll sticker is illegal and you will receive a hefty fine. Nowadays, it is common to use an electronic toll sticker.

When driving between cities, the highways are the most convenient option. They are generally well-maintained and in good condition. You can venture onto the back roads if you wish, but make sure you have a GPS or a map, as signage is often missing.

Brno is very close to the borders with Slovakia and Austria, so many travelers pass through as part of a longer pan-European road trip. All three countries are part of the Schengen zone, so there is no border control between them. If you are planning to cross an international border, make sure to talk about it first with your Enterprise Rent-a-Car agent. You should also keep in mind that you'll need to change currency. Austria and Slovakia both use the euro, but the Czech Republic does not.

The Czech Republic has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving. There is no legal minimum blood alcohol level: if you have consumed alcohol, no matter how small the amount, you cannot drive.

Car and van rental in Czechia with Enterprise

Enterprise Czechia offers a range of car and van rental services including one-way, long-term and short-term vehicle rental. Commercial clients can speak to our award-winning business rental team who will tailor a mobility solution for your needs and budget.

We are part of the Enterprise group, the largest transportation solutions provider in the world. Our global network covers more than 90 countries and over 9,500 locations, allowing us to serve your mobility needs, wherever you’re going.

We are committed to providing the best service possible and exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality and value.

Car rental in Brno

If you are traveling with your family or in a big group, you may find a 7-seater or a people carrier will give you more space to travel comfortably with your luggage. For a city trip, a handy hatchback that’s easy to park may suit you better. For business trips or long drives an executive car will combine comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer automatic to manual transmission, no problem. If you want a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, we’ve got you covered. You may also need GPS, a child seat or want to add another driver to the contract, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Van rental in Brno

Should you need to rent a van while you’re in Brno, all our vans can be driven on a standard license and are modern, clean and easy to drive. Just ask and one of our branch team will happily show you around your rental van to make sure you are comfortable with it before you head off.