Menorca Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Menorca

Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean sea, close to the larger landmass of Majorca. The island is well known for its stunning natural landscapes, megalithic ruins and luxury hotels. The capital of the region is the Ciutadella de Menorca, situated among many other small towns on the island. The island is also a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve, containing plenty of unspoiled landscapes and natural preservation projects. If you need to get across the island, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is waiting to take your booking. We operate a branch at the main Aeroport de Menorca, close to Sant Climent on the Me-12 island highway. From there, we can arrange a rental car for you, with the style and the capacity that you need. If you're arriving from elsewhere, head southbound from Mahon or eastbound from Ciutadella de Menorca to find our branch. See our online map for more information about Enterprise on Menorca.

Our Vehicles For Rent In Menorca

Enterprise offers our customers a wide range of rental cars to rent at our airport location. Our cars are modern, safe and efficient, coming in a range of styles and makes to suit every taste and need. Whether you're taking your family on holiday or traveling from one town to the next on Menorca, we can rent the right car to you for your needs. See our website if you require more details on the type of vehicles we can offer for rental in Menorca and Spain (excluding transit and light cargo vans).

Cheap Car And Van Rental In Menorca

Enterprise offer a number of great options at great prices if you need a car rental in Menorca. If you book ahead of your visit, using our online platform, you may save a considerable amount of money. An advance booking made with us is guaranteed to be cheaper than a last-minute one on the day. All of our rental cars get excellent mileage, a result of our modern, fuel-efficient fleet. Our vehicles may save you a considerable amount on your petrol costs.

Airport Car Rental

Most visitors to Menorca arrive by air at Menorca airport. Menorca airport handles a wide variety of international flights to and from Menorca, run mostly by European airlines. If you need to rent a car to get you on the road straight after stepping off your flight, Enterprise is ready to help. Our Menorca branch is located at the main loop heading into the airport, off the Me-12 connecting highway. The airport itself is located close to the edge of the southern city of Mahon. See our website if you require more information about our Menorca branch.

Attractions In Menorca

Most attractions in Menorca focus on the great outdoors. With so many great beaches along the coastline, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to diving, swimming and sailing. The Cami de Cavalls path follows a trail around the island's coast, which is ideal for hiking. If you're looking for retail, there are some small shops and markets in the main towns. The abundant Mesolithic altars are also a must-see for any visitor.

Places To Visit Outside Ciutadella De Menorca

Outside of the main towns and away from the coast, Menorca boasts a diverse array of national parks. The most prominent of these is the S'Albufera des Grau Natural Park, which covers a sizable section of the island. You can see tortoises, wildfowl and much more besides. If you're looking to stick close to the sea, Pregonda near Es Mercadal is one of the best-regarded beaches on the island's seafront. The nearby marine reserve is known as a great site at which to dive or snorkel. For something different, Fort Malborough is an 18th-century British naval installation near to Maó's natural harbor. It may also make for a more interesting, historical day out.

Parking And Traffic Information In Menorca

Traffic is fairly scarce on the island, as the road network is modest compared to mainland Spain. On the plus side, this makes driving at most times much easier than it would usually be around and in major towns. The road network has recently been modernised, so a smooth journey is all but guaranteed. To preserve the natural beauty of the island there are few multi-story or built-up car parks on Menorca. However, you may find free and paid spaces in major towns for public use. Make sure to check that they are spaces before parking – private driveways on Menorca are known for looking very similar to parking spots.