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Wide Range Of Rental Vehicles

There are many reasons why Spain is such a popular holiday destination, and at Enterprise we ensure there’s a vehicle tailored to your activities. Whether you’re heading to Spain for an adventure-filled family holiday and require a people carrier to hire, or you’re visiting for business purposes, we’ve got you covered. We also offer extensive van rental options if you require a vehicle capable of moving large and heavy items.

Not only are there over 100 Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches across Spain, but we also provide award-winning customer service. We can tailor your rental package to serve your exact needs, from additional safety measures like a child booster seat to an additional driver. Check out our fleet page to browse our car rental selection.

Van Rental in Spain

No matter what the task, Enterprise has a vast selection of vehicles to choose from. Our extensive range of vans and utility vehicles means you’re not limited to size and capabilities. Whether you’re refurbishing the garden or moving properties altogether, there’s a van rental catered to your needs. We have the latest models, from short wheel base vans right up to the larger long wheel base vehicles, and our entire fleet receives the highest standards of maintenance.

Cheap Car Rental in Spain

If your priority is to seek out cheap car rental in Spain, then explore our special offers currently available. We can save you money through our Prepay service, which gives you access to the best deals. Alternatively, our local collection and payment option is also available. The cheapest car hire rates are accessible on our website, so make sure to check before you book.

Airport Car Rental in Spain

We have branches across all the major airports, including car hire at Barcelona airport, Madrid and Valencia. When collecting from an airport, additional benefits include pre-booking, as well as flexible pick-up times should you require a shuttle bus to take you to the Enterprise branch. Our agents are dedicated to offering you the most efficient experience as possible so all of our shuttle buses are free of charge. However, most Enterprise desks are situated no more than a short walk from the terminal to maximise convenience.

Enterprise Car Rental Services

At Enterprise, we understand our customers need flexibility when hiring a car or van.  To ensure you recieve the best experience, we offer a number of car rental services that would help meet customer needs.

Need to drop off in a different location?

One Way Car Rental

Looking to rent a car for a one-way trip? No problem! Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers easy and convenient one-way car rentals from most of its 10,000 locations in 90+ countries. Choose from a great selection of vehicles, including economy, saloons, SUVs, people carriers and vans.

Need help picking up and returning car?

Free Pick Up and Drop Off Service

Our free pick-up service is available at non-airport locations during normal business hours. After you have reserved your vehicle online, we'll call and you can arrange your free pick-up.

Need a car for an extended time?

Long Term Car Rental Service

Looking for a flexible alternative to a traditional rental or lease agreement? We've set up dedicated long-term branches throughout UK to provide our customers one-on-one attention. Just let us know when and where you need to rent a vehicle, and we'll take care of the rest.

Things to do in Spain

Discover the history of Spain:

With such a rich cultural heritage, Spain has a lot to offer all road trip enthusiasts. Why not start your journey with a scenic drive through the picturesque Andalusian Mountains? Travel through Andalucía’s world famous olive gardens, and while you’re in the area, how about enrolling for a lesson in its traditional flamenco dance?

For the classic enthusiasts, Spain is full of quirky offerings and places of high historical significance. Drive to places like the Historic City of Toledo, or the Historic Centre of Cordoba, and be rewarded by the abundance of Spanish culture. These settlements have long been considered the origins of modern society as we know it today.

Two of the world’s most exciting cities:

For those more immersed in modern culture, and more specifically sports, then there really is no better country to explore. Look no further than the two sporting temples that are the Nou Camp in Barcelona and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid - home to the world’s two biggest football clubs. However, both of these cities offer much more for anyone whom football is not quite their area of expertise. Barcelona and Madrid both offer an unrivalled nightlife and they are both destinations containing everything you’ll need to make some amazing memories with friends and family.

Top Driving Tips in Spain

When driving in Spain, there a few key things to remember:

  • First, and perhaps the most important thing to remember before setting off, is that you drive on the right hand side of the road in Spain. It may seem obvious, but you need to be constantly thinking about it to ensure you never slip into the habit of driving on the left!
  • Spain has a large network of Autopista highways that you may have to pay for. Roughly 20% of the national motorway network requires toll payments, but in Catalonia over half of the motorway network requires payment. The letters AP, for example AP8, mark these toll roads. Alternatively, there are roads similar to Autopistas that do not require payment. These motorways, known as Autovias, are identifiable by the letter A, for example A40.
  • The cost of Autopistas varies, as the pricing is based on the length of the road. You can expect to pay a fee for cross-country journeys when using the toll roads. Using the Autovias and other Spanish roads can save you a lot of money, whilst also being more scenic at the cost of small amounts of time.
  • The speed limits in Spain are as follows; the motorway limit (both Autopistas and Autovias) is 120 km/h. Main roads are limited to either 80, 90 or 100 km/h, so make sure you keep an eye out for the signposts indicating the limit on these roads. Built-up areas are restricted to 50 or 70 km/h, as indicated.
  • The minimum age to rent a vehicle in Spain is 21, depending on the type of vehicle you’re looking to rent. The age restriction rises to 25 for some vehicle types. 

Spain Car Rental Locations

As Spain is a country steeped in such spectacular, cultural history, with bustling cities of commerce too, it offers something special for all kinds of visitors. Whether you want to watch a football match under the lights at Barcelona’s famous Camp Nou, or study world-renowned art collections in the museums of Madrid, we have the right vehicle to get you there. With an Enterprise car rental, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that our modern, ultra-low polluting cars enable you smooth and safe passage through all emission-restricted cities in the country. We also make it as convenient as possible to serve your vehicle needs; we have many Enterprise branches in both Barcelona and Madrid with hundreds more throughout Spain. Get in touch to organise a car rental in Spain tailored to your visit.

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