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The nearest airport to Leptokarya is Thessaloniki, about 62 km away. This is a large international airport with lots of connections. You can pick up your car from the airport's Enterprise Rent-a-Car counter on arrival.

What to do and see in Leptokarya

The small coastal village of Leptokarya is a hot spot for Greek mythology buffs. Its main attraction? The breathtaking Mount Olympus, which is immortalized as the home of the Greek gods. Discover your inner Zeus with a wealth of activities available on the mountain. Hike through the Enipeas Gorge, admiring the cascading waterfalls along the way. Enjoy a long trek to the mountain's many peaks. You can even turn this into a multiple-day excursion, camping overnight in one of the mountain refuges. If you want to get wet and wild, then try canyoning in the Orlias Gorge. You can also try mountain biking or rock climbing - or just take advantage of a rental car in Leptokarya to drive to the tiny villages dotted around the mountain. Whatever you choose, you're in for a memorable adventure.

Back in town, you can visit the Olympus Geological History Museum. This is an unusual and fascinating museum with a focus on natural exhibits like fossils, rocks and petrified plants and animals. All the items inside come from Mount Olympus or the surrounding area, including the interiors of ancient caves. You may be surprised to learn that the mountain is still growing, with tectonic plates pushing it up a few inches a year.

When you've finally had enough of your Olympian adventures, it's time to hit the beach! Leptokarya Beach is a good starting point, right beside the village and with plenty of restaurants, taverns and cafés to choose from. This is an ideal beach for the family, with pristine white sand and clear, shallow water. Panteleimonas Beach is similar, with a forested area that you can explore and great facilities for water sports. Nei Pori Beach is next to a beautiful wetland zone. If you spend a day here, you can also admire nearby sights, including old churches and traditional stone houses.

Hiring a car or van in Leptokarya will let you visit fascinating archeological sites in the nearby area. The Bronze Age site of Leibethra is said to be the final resting place of the legendary hero Orpheus, who descended into the depths of hell in an effort to rescue his lost love. Old structures, ceramics and tools have been unearthed here, and as the excavations continue, more treasures are sure to be found. The Byzantine Castle of Platamon, built during the Crusades, is a great place to visit, with its mighty tower and sturdy walls. The kids will love the chance to explore the castle, letting their imaginations run wild.

Driving in Leptokarya

Leptokarya is a small village, and its older streets cannot be accessed by car. There's plenty of parking, particularly around the harbor and the beaches. Hotels usually have their own free parking for guests, too. This village depends on tourism, so you'll see more or less traffic depending on the time of year that you visit. There are more cars on the roads in July and August. The rest of the year, things are a lot quieter.

During their trip, some visitors like to head on a road trip to the nearby city of Thessaloniki. This is the second largest city in Greece, so although it is not too far from Leptokarya, it will feel like a different world. Rush hour is definitely a problem here, so plan your trip with that in mind. Make sure you're carrying change to pay for parking. Not all meters accept card payments. The same is true for gas stations - carry cash, as that may be your only option for paying.

Most visitors to Leptokarya plan to spend some time exploring Mount Olympus. The gods don't make it easy for mere mortals to scale their mountain! The road to the summit is unpaved and very steep. There are extremely high winds and more than 25 hairpin bends along the way. It is only accessible if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle - and even then, you will need to be an experienced and highly confident driver.

Mount Olympus usually has some snow coverage for around nine months of the year. If you are planning to drive on the higher part of the mountain, you should pay close attention to local weather reports. You might want to ask for advice at your hotel before setting out - or you may prefer to just stick to other methods of exploring the mountain. Landslides, avalanches and treacherous black ice are all problems you might encounter driving on the mountain.

However you spend your holiday, do not drive on Mount Olympus after night has fallen. In fact, you should generally avoid driving on rural Greek roads in the dark. Mount Olympus is an extreme example, but the entire country is very mountainous, with narrow, winding roads that are often completely unlit. By day, the roads can be tricky enough. You'll need to watch out for mopeds, motorbikes and animals, particularly stray dogs and wandering herds of goats. Take things very slowly and drive with caution.

Car and van rental in Greece with Enterprise

Enterprise Greece offers a range of car and van rental services including one-way, long-term and short-term vehicle rental. Commercial clients can speak to our award-winning business rental team who will tailor a mobility solution for your needs and budget.

We are part of the Enterprise group, the largest transportation solutions provider in the world. Our global network covers more than 90 countries and over 9,500 locations, allowing us to serve your mobility needs, wherever you’re going.

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Car rental in Leptokarya

If you are traveling with your family or in a big group, you may find a 7-seater or a people carrier will give you more space to travel comfortably with your luggage. For a city trip, a handy hatchback that’s easy to park may suit you better. For business trips or long drives an executive car will combine comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer automatic to manual transmission, no problem. If you want a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, we’ve got you covered. You may also need GPS, a child seat or want to add another driver to the contract, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Van rental in Leptokarya

Should you need to rent a van while you’re in Leptokarya, all our vans can be driven on a standard license and are modern, clean and easy to drive. Just ask and one of our branch team will happily show you around your rental van to make sure you are comfortable with it before you head off.