Croatia Car Rental

Discover Croatia's Stunning Landscapes on a Scenic Drive

Croatia, with its diverse landscapes and picturesque coastlines, is perfect for a road trip. Choose between some of the most scenic short excursions and longer road trips to get the most out of your holiday in Croatia. For convenient access, fly into Zagreb Airport (ZAG), pick up a car and start exploring. 

Short Drives (2-4 Hours)

Plitvice Lakes National Park Loop

Duration: 3 hours
Nearest AirportZagreb Airport

Pick up your rental car on arrival at our airport branch and head to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Take a leisurely drive around the park, be wowed by cascading waterfalls, and explore crystal-clear lakes.

Krka National Park Circuit

Duration: 4 hours
Nearest Airport: Zadar Airport (ZAD)

Fly into Zadar and explore the beauty of Krka National Park. Wind through lush landscapes, visit waterfalls, and enjoy the tranquility of this natural paradise. The pretty waterside town of Skradin is a good base to explore from.

Dubrovnik Riviera Drive

Duration: 3 hours
Nearest AirportDubrovnik Airport (DBV)

Pick up your rental car at the airport and take a scenic drive along the Dubrovnik Riviera. Pass charming coastal villages, enjoy stunning sea views, and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

Longer Road Trips (1-5 Days)

Istrian Peninsula Exploration

Duration: 4 days
Nearest Airports: Pula or Rijeka

Pick up a rental car at the airport and explore the Istrian Peninsula, staying over in pretty coastal villages and hilltop towns such as historic Motovun. Sample local truffles and wines and take daytrips to the islands as you enjoy the Adriatic coastline.

Zadar to Split Coastal Highway

Duration: 2 days
Nearest Airport: Zadar Airport (ZAD)

Drive south along the Adriatic Highway to Split, it only takes about 3 hours, but there's so much to see you'll want to make a road trip of it. Stop off at beautiful beaches, visit the unique Sea Organ in Zadar and explore historic towns along the way.

Plitvice Lakes to Zagorje

Duration: 3 days
Nearest Airport: Zagreb Airport

Begin your journey in Zagreb, drive to the Plitvice Lakes, and then continue to the Zagorje region. Explore rolling hills, historic castles, and picturesque vineyards, staying over in rural villages along the way.

Zagreb to Gorski Kotar Wilderness

Duration: 2.5 days
Nearest Airport: Zagreb Airport

Drive from Zagreb to Gorski Kotar, a region known for its dense forests and natural beauty. Experience the wilderness, visit Risnjak National Park, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Dubrovnik to Pelješac Peninsula

Duration: 3 days
Nearest Airport: Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)

Spend a few days exploring Dubrovnik, then drive along the scenic Pelješac Peninsula, where wooded hills sweep down to the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. Explore vineyards and olive groves, swim off the secluded pebble beaches during the day and wash the local oysters down with Pelješac champagne in the evenings.

Croatia Car Rental Guide

How to rent a car in Croatia

Requirements to rent a car in Croatia include:

  • Renter must have a valid international or European Union drivers license for at least a year. 
  • Renter must present an ID or passport. 

Age to rent a car in Croatia 

The minimum age to rent any car class in Croatia is 18. The maximum age is 80. A fee of 40.00 EUR per rental will apply to drivers age 18-20 for any car group. Prices are subject to change. 

Should I rent a car in Croatia?

Renting a car is especially helpful if you're planning on visiting islands or coastal towns like Komarna. Day trips are also much easier and quicker to navigate by car. If you are going to the city of Istria, keep in mind that there are no trains that run here. 

How much does a rental car in Croatia cost?

To get the most accurate price for your rental car, start a reservation by inputting the dates, times, and location. There are several factors to consider:

- Type of car

- Seasonality

- Additional insurance and protection products included in reservation

- Other add-ons such as Wi-fi access, GPS, child seats, and ski racks

- Whether the car is picked up and dropped off at the same location or domestic one-way

- Number of additional drivers

Tips for driving in Croatia

  • -You cannot make a right turn on a red light, even if traffic is clear. Wait for a green light to turn right. 
  • Smaller roads are often not lit at night, so be extra cautious when driving in the dark. 
  • Download the HAK traffic app to receive updates on congested areas around town. 
  • In Zagreb, you can only park on the street for 2 to 3 hours. Parking garages allow you to leave your car for a longer period of time.  

Croatia Car Rental Locations

Attractions such as Gornji Grad, Dubrovnik, and Korcula Island, make Croatia a popular destination with tourists and business travelers alike. Renting a car with Enterprise will allow you to explore this beautiful country at your own pace.