Ankara Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Ankara

With its long and colorful history combined with a modern outlook and a wealth of city attractions, Turkey’s capital city of Ankara has become a popular destination for travelers. Getting around the city to see the sights is certainly possible by using public transport, but it’s very time-consuming and requires a lot of planning. In addition, you'll need basic knowledge of the bus, train, and metro routes and fares. That’s why a car rental in Ankara is highly recommended. You can find many terrific car rental deals at Enterprise Rent-a-Car’s downtown Ankara branch. With a sleek and stylish Enterprise car or van for your exclusive use, all the great attractions of the city become much more easily accessible. You can even see a lot if you only have a limited amount of time for sightseeing in Ankara.

Our Vehicles for Rental in Ankara

Depending on your particular requirements, you can choose from a wide range of Enterprise cars and vans. A small fuel-efficient car is ideal for in-city use, whereas a more powerful 4x4 SUV will serve you well if you’re planning on exploring areas with more challenging terrain. Groups of travelers can be comfortably accommodated in a seven- or nine-seater people carrier. The downtown branch also maintains a fleet of modern vans for rental in various sizes. All of Enterprise's vehicles are modern and maintained in perfect order to ensure reliability.

At the Airport

Enterprise also has a convenient branch that offers car rental at Esenboğa International Airport itself. The airport is Ankara’s principal international airport and has been serving the city of Ankara since 1955. The airport is located 17 miles northeast of Ankara, and you can drive to the city via route Özal Blv. in around 40 minutes. Ask the friendly Enterprise staff for advice on choosing the best alternative route in case there's heavy traffic or major roadwork in progress. They’ll be happy to oblige.

Attractions in Ankara

Ankara’s long history has provided a wealth of architectural attractions that no visitor should miss out on. Ankara Castle, situated on a hilltop, is prominent and well worth the drive. The ruins of the Temple of Augustus and Rome, which date back to 20 BC, are especially interesting. Ankara also boasts a strong entertainment culture. It has excellent music venues and many popular music concert halls, such as the popular IF Performance Hall and the Ankara Opera House. Also look out for small performance venues in cafes that offer live rock, pop, and traditional music.

Cheap Car Rental in Ankara

Enterprise’s philosophy is to offer affordable and quality car rentals, without compromising their quality of service. This policy applies to all of Enterprise worldwide branches, and Ankara is certainly no exception. You’ll find that Enterprise's car hiring rates in Ankara’s in-city and airport branches to be highly competitive. You can find many great online deals, including special weekend discounts, which are especially popular. All Enterprise vehicles are modern and well maintained to be as fuel-efficient as possible, which keeps running costs low, making Enterprise car rentals even more affordable.

Places to Visit Outside Ankara

Ankara lies in an interesting part of the country, which makes it easy to drive out of the city. With a rental car, you can visit neighboring areas, quaint villages, and rural locations. Just a few miles southwest of Ankara lies the beautiful forested site of METU. You can easily drive to this picturesque area via routes D200 and D750. Unlike the rural parts of Turkey, the main roads near Ankara are in good condition and easy to drive on. Whatever area you decide to visit outside of Ankara, you’ll find many areas that are well worth exploring.

Parking and Traffic Information in Ankara

Ankara’s traffic flow is reasonably well managed and it's strictly controlled in the city center. Outside of morning and evening rush hour times, traffic is quite easygoing. Always be aware of speed limit signs, as different limits apply to different types of roads. Also, keep in mind that Turkish law requires seat belts to be worn at all times. Free street parking is available throughout most of the city, while parking meters are common around inner-city areas. There are also several signposted private car parks located throughout Ankara.