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Tips for driving in Turkey

The following information will make for safe and enjoyable driving throughout Turkey.

  • Many roads in Turkey are not lit, so be cautious if you have to drive at night. 
  • You will frequently see police traffic stops to check that drivers are licensed and not under the influence. Be sure to keep your passport and license with you at all times while driving. 
  • When you are the first car in line at a stoplight, you are almost directly below the stoplight, making it very hard to see the light change color. Most people will honk to let you know that the light has changed and you can proceed.  

Turkey Car Rental Locations

Turkey is a unique vacation spot featuring world-renowned attractions like Aya Sofia, Ruin of Ephesus, and Cappadocia. Get your trip started by reserving a car with Enterprise and enjoy exploring this beautiful country at your own pace. 

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