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Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Lidcombe

Sydney is Lidcombe's closest main airport, where you'll find Enterprise Rent-A-Car with car rental reservations available. It is a drive of 22 kilometers to reach Lidcombe itself. 

What to do and see in Lidcombe

Lidcombe is a tiny suburb snuggled right into Sydney's Western border, just 15 kilometers away from the CBD (central business district). That puts you within driving distance of the city's most iconic sites. The most unmissable of them all are Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. Lidcombe isn't as grand or sparkling as Sydney, but its unassuming natural habitat is sure to captivate you.

Newington Nature Reserve is perched on the Newington Lidcomb trail and is a prime spot for avid bird watchers. You'll spot migratory birds, salt marsh parrots, and the lush flora of the Turpentine-Ironbark Forest. This is excellent hiking terrain, so don't forget the binoculars. If you've arranged for a rental van in Lidcombe, you'll have plenty of space for your family and their fishing rods.

Water lovers can head out to the Homebush Bay and Parramatta River Loop, which is paved for the comfort of cyclists. The river has a picturesque picnic area to settle down in when you're taking a break from kayaking and sailing.

Foodies adore Lidcombe's unpretentious cuisine. Like much of New South Wales, it has a strong Asian influence, so head out to Kung Fu Kitchen or Vincent's Noodle House when you grow hungry. Once you've had your fill, you can put on your history buff hat and take a historical tour of Lidcombe hospital, which was founded in 1896.

The suburb is a stone's throw away from Little Bay Beach, a sedate, beautiful spot that's perfect for beach goers who are trying to avoid the crowds. If you want to experience New South Wales's wildest territories, Whiting Beach is a little-known spot that's a short walk from Taronga Zoo.

Tenpin City is a local haunt that will keep you busy all evening. This brightly lit bowling alley offers a wide range of entertainment options, from pool and bowling to darts and arcade games. It also serves a wicked burger.

Visitors seeking tranquility might want to spend the day at Thai Niramit Spa, which offers full-body Thai Massages combined with yoga stretching. If you're more of an aromatherapy buff, the spa offers all the scents you could wish for alongside its massages.

Rookwood Cemetery might not be on your bucket list, but it's home to some important historical monuments. You'll find a sculpture exhibit and a diverse collection of flora. The cemetery harks back to the late 1800s, so it's a popular destination among locals.

Lidcombe's Reading movie theaters offer a budget-friendly way to while away the afternoon. They line up all the best movies in a comfy location with excellent snacks. Family travelers might prefer Lidcombe shopping mall, which hosts a variety of exciting children's workshops and cooking events throughout the year. While you're there, be sure to fill up with sushi at Sushi Naya.

Driving in Lidcombe

A rental car is a great way to experience the suburbs. The A6 connects Cumberland Highway to Heathcoat via Lidcombe, so you'll probably spend plenty of time on this main road. It also connects to the M4 freeway in Sydney, but you can also travel out of Lidcombe via Olympic Drive. The NSW State Route 40 winds through Lidcombe and will connect you to the Great Western Highway.

There's frequent congestion on Tooheys Lane alongside Lidcombe Station. You can avoid bumper-to-bumper annoyances by avoiding peak hour times. Lidcombe's traffic congestion occurs a full four hours every weekday between 7:30 am and 9:30 am and 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Its roads are at their worst during thunderstorms, which primarily occur in November.

If you're traveling on foot or on a bicycle, Lidcombe will keep you safe with its bike lanes. There are exceptional bike lanes and shared-used paths throughout the suburb, particularly along its borders and between Petersham and Newtown.

Lidcombe is generally a quiet suburb with plenty of open parking lots. Lidcombe Shopping Mall offers a generous three hours of free parking. Its open-air and undercover parking can be found on Johns Street, Hastings Street and Parramatta Road. If you're traveling in Lidcombe's northern and eastern territories, Meriton Parking can be accessed on Canning Street. Lidcombe Loading Dock has a covered lot near Sydney Olympic Park.

Nonresidents are allowed to drive in New South Wales on a foreign license for the first three months of their stay. Australia's cars drive on the left and yield to the right on traffic circles. A speed limit of 40 km/hour is enforced in active school zones, so slow down and look out for children crossing in these areas.

Renting a car in Lidcombe is hassle-free, but you'll be fined for eating on the road and honking your horn. New South Wales driving comes with its own etiquette, so remember to give way to pedestrians and animals. The roads are governed by a demerit system and a long series of fines.