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Ceduna can be reached from Adelaide by plane, bus or car. Ceduna Airport is South Australia's westernmost airport and is situated on the Eyre Highway, just 2.5 kilometers east of downtown. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is conveniently located at the airport, with rental car reservation in Ceduna and flexible pick-up and drop-off options.

What to do and see in Ceduna

As the oyster capital of Australia, Ceduna is well known for its Oysterfest, an annual event dating back to 1991 that attracts a lot of visitors. As one of the nation's largest oyster-themed festivals, Oysterfest is celebrated yearly on South Australian Labor Day weekend. Set on the heavenly shores of Murat Bay, this event won Australia Day's 2023 Community Award of the Year.

Ceduna is a small, thriving, tight-knit community steeped in history and culture. Visitors can experience Indigenous crafts and artifacts at the Ceduna Arts and Culture Center, an Aboriginal-owned institution, and buy their hand-made, high-quality artwork at the center for the benefit of local artists.

For thrill-seekers, there's no shortage of air tours, boat charters, and off-road private tours on the Eyre Peninsula. There's surfing at Cactus Beach, anglers can drop a line in the Nuyts Archipelago, or golfers can enjoy the 19th hole beside the 1,350-kilometer-long Nullarbor Links Golf Course. At the end of a long day, there's more adventure to be had at the award-winning Oyster Barn, where they've got fish and chips down to an art.

History buffs and those curious about the town's heritage are welcome at the Ceduna National Trust Museum, formerly the town's first school. Precious historical items await here, including antiques, restored farm machinery, and treasured trinkets belonging to pioneering families. Also worth experiencing are exhibits relating to Maralinga nuclear tests and medical facilities available to settlers. Then, there's the cast of a huge basking shark of Fowlers Bay, which was found in 1914.

Walkers, cyclists, and bird watchers are well provided for in Ceduna, where a coastal walking trail spanning 3.5 kilometers offers marvelous scenic views. Enhanced by two easily accessible lookout platforms, the purpose-built trail features hand-painted tiles courtesy of local artists and children. Parking lots are available at either end of this walking trail, which takes about an hour to complete on foot. Families with young children can rest, have fun and regroup, thanks to beachside playgrounds like Don Urquhart and Ceduna Foreshore Playground, which are scattered along the way.

Pinky Point Lookout, located at the Thevenard end of the walking trail, is a car and camper-friendly place where visitors can take in the bright sunset views of the wharf in all their splendor. Denial Bay and the channel unfurl before the viewers every day as mosaics on the lighthouse tell the story of this small fishing community.

Families with young ones feel right at home on Shelly Beach, a quiet and clean stretch of sand with shallow and crystal-clear water. This child-friendly swimming nook is also a much-loved kite surfing spot. Families can reach it by bike or car within minutes of the city, as is the case with Laura Bay and Ceduna Waters, just a few steps further south.

Renting a car in Ceduna comes with an amazing perk: the chance to drive straight onto the beach at Ceduna Waters and enjoy the trail. Bikers can venture onwards to Cape Vivonne, while swimmers and fishing enthusiasts can while away hours and hours in the sun.

Driving in Ceduna

Driving in Southern Australia is a breeze, so there's no reason not to rent a car or van in Ceduna. The Eyre Highway, over 1,600 kilometers long and with the longest straight stretch of road in the country, makes traveling to and from Ceduna smooth sailing.

Most important roads, such as the A1 access road, are tar paved. But there are also many dirt roads, where wildlife and straying livestock are a common sight.

Aside from the fact that most beautiful spots along the coastline can be reached within minutes on Thevenard Road and its offshoots, far-flung places, like Goog's Lake, can be reached with four-wheel drive vehicles in around 1.5 hours, with the appropriate camping permits and the use of UHF radio Channel 18. Trailers are forbidden on this journey.

Renting a car in Ceduna is very convenient, but visitors should take note of the fact that vehicles in Australia drive on the left side of the road, and speed limits are strictly enforced with radar. Any low-speed roads will be marked with zig-zag lines.

This small town is not known to be prone to traffic congestion, though the morning commute may occasionally slow things down. Daily roadworks and hazards are duly announced, and visitors are welcome to check live traffic footage from local traffic cameras before setting off on their journey. However, visitors should note that bush fires may affect access to sections of the Eyre Highway at times.

There is abundant parking in the town, including short-term parking spaces and long-term parking lots and camper parking. As for pedestrian activity, many of the local schools impose a 25 km/h speed limit over a 320-kilometer radius whenever children are present.