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Coruna is a busy port and distribution hub on the Atlantic coast of Galicia in northern Spain. The city was established as a port in Roman times, and Julius Caesar is reputed to have visited the area, which didn't become properly settled by Rome until the second century. The city's growth during the Middle Ages, when it became a center for the production of fine textiles, began the transformation of Coruna into the city we recognise today as the administrative center of Galicia, with a growing tourist industry. Coruna, like most places in Spain, has both religious and non-religious festivals throughout the year, the biggest of which, the Feast of San Juan, sees fires lit on the city's beaches that burn well into the evening, and dazzling firework displays. Coruna is served by the railway station at San Cristovo, with connections to Madrid, Barcelona and a host of other destinations. Follow the link for details of Enterprise Coruna.

Our Vehicles For Rent In Coruna

Enterprise Rent-A-Car take car rental very seriously and aim to meet the individual needs of each and every customer. This is why they eschew a one-size-fits-all approach and instead have a wide range of great vehicles to choose from. Enterprise agents are used to dealing with single travelers, couples, families and groups of friends. Whatever the requirement, Enterprise will meet it: from small economical hatchbacks or family sedans to people carriers, Enterprise will soon have you on the road.

Cheap Car And Van Rental In Coruna

Enterprise Coruna has a superb range of cars and vans for rent at very competitive prices. Make your booking online through the interactive website; it really is the easiest way to do it. What is more, booking online is the best way to get a great deal and see any special offers. With Enterprise, you are guaranteed unlimited mileage and there are no hidden extras. If you have any questions or concerns about making a booking, one of Enterprise's highly trained agents will be pleased to advise you.

Airport Car Rental

It simply isn't possible to overstate the convenience of being able to collect your pre-booked rental car from the airport at which you land. This is why Enterprise is working towards having a branch at every airport. Being able to drive away in your rental car means you don't need to worry about the availability of public transport, or exorbitant taxi fares. Enterprise already has an outlet at Coruna Airport. The airport is in the Cullerado District, about four miles from the city center. Departure flights are mainly internal, although there are services to other European cities, including London Heathrow.

Attractions In Coruna

Coruna benefits from four Blue Flag beaches. Orzan and Riazor are in the city center and run parallel to the promenade, for miles. Other nearby beaches include Las Lapas and San Amaro; surfing is particularly popular in and around Coruna. The Tower of Hercules is a lighthouse that was built by the Romans and has been in operation since the second century. The lighthouse, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a museum and a golf course close by. Other places to visit in the city include the Romanic churches of Santiago and Saint Mary, and a number of museums; the Casa da Ciencias houses a planetarium.

Places To Visit Outside Coruna

Coruna is only 46 miles from Santiago de Compostela, the end of the ninth-century pilgrimage route to where, reputedly, St James the apostle is buried. Not surprisingly, the cathedral, which dates from the end of the 11th century, is a focal point for travelers. To see an example of an old Galician town and port, visit Pontevedra, 64 miles west of Coruna. See the Gothic Santo Domingo church, the round Baroque Pilgrim church, or take a walk around the parks and squares close to the town's pedestrianized center. The mixture of old and modern architecture and other attractions more than justify the drive.

Parking And Traffic Information In Coruna

Coruna is a busy port and distribution center, so visitors should expect to encounter busy traffic on roads in and around the city, and particularly during the rush-hour periods. While driving in Spain is like driving in other parts of Europe, Spain does have its own national and regional traffic regulations, and visitors are advised to do some research to make sure they don't fall foul of them. With lots of options open to the visitor for parking, you can leave your car safely in Coruna. The average price per hour is around €4, with many providers offering all-day parking for €10.