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Much of France's storybook charm is hidden beyond the borders of Paris, and Aubagne has more than enough to keep you busy for weeks. The commune is seated below the Garlaban Mountain, between Marseille and Cassis in the Cote d'Asur region. Southern France is popular for its wealth of viticulture and crafts, and its architecture would seem right at home in a children's book. History fans will enjoy the Buzine Castle and Grosbibou's Cave before heading to the old town's quaint chapels. You can fetch your Enterprise Rent-A-Car on the Route de la Legion, which runs parallel to the A50.

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Enterprise's fleet is well populated with diverse vehicles to suit every traveler, regardless of whether you'll be buzzing along the highway in an exotic vehicle or moving home with one of their vans. If you're trying to save pennies, choose cheap car and van rental. Natural adventurers are suited to their large fleet of SUVs. People carriers will provide enough room for family and friends, without affecting your comfort. Commercial vehicles are also available if you need room for equipment and furniture. Every contract can be customized for your unique needs and budget.

Cheap Car And Van Rental In Aubagne

Economize your trip by choosing a prepaid rental, which comes with an attractive discount. Hop into cyberspace and book from your living room, which will chop more off your bill. There is no easier or more reliable way to travel. Enterprise agents will even advise you on popular routes and road laws. If you have a European license, you needn't concern yourself with peripherals such as insurance. Enterprise will take care of that, because your time is better spent on packing fun into every minute of your trip.

Airport Car Rental

If you're jet-setting your way into Aubagne, Marseille has the closest airport. There's an Enterprise branch conveniently located in the building, so you can get on the road as soon as you land. The airport has experienced tremendous traffic growth over the last few years due to its bustling cargo service and an overwhelming lineup of airlines. It weaves its service offerings around business travelers, so its Wi-Fi is quick. Its business center also caters towards events, rentals and meetings. It links to Paris CDG airport and is always kept in sparkling condition.

Attractions In Aubagne

Aubagne is a perfect caricature of southern France. Few other regions represent Provence quite as accurately. As Marvel Pagnol's birthplace, it has a dynamic crafts community, which expresses its talents through the 30 local ceramics workshops in town. If you've not taken a porcelain and pottery tour, you've not done Aubagne the right way. If you visit during August, don't miss the pottery and ceramics fair. Pagnol's life is documented in a museum at 16 Cours Barthelemy. The old town will appeal to avid architecture fans. Its Art Nouveau decor adds appeal to its traditional marketplace and the surrounding mountains, which seem to have been sculpted especially for the unfit hiker. Holidays aren't for working up a sweat, and the Garlaban range is perfect for lazy Sunday strolls.

Places To Visit Outside Aubagne

When you're traveling via car rental in Aubagne, you're free to trek to the city outskirts for a little aimless adventuring. Of course, you must visit Provence. Just don't ignore the more obscure destinations in the region. The indigo seas of the French Riviera will live on in your dreams for years, and the dark, Gothic buildings along the Rhone are surreal enough to change the way you view the world forever. Game of Thrones fans will see their favorite world come to life at The Cite de Carcasonne, a walled-in, fourth-century castle that was restored in the 1800s. Spiritual travelers can do the Montaigne Saint-Victoire Pilgrimage, which takes you past some of Cezanne and Hemingway's favorite spots.

Parking And Traffic Information In Aubagne

The South of France's roads don't require much work or effort. Your Enterprise branch will make sure you have the prerequisite security kit and insurance. The motorways are pleasantly quiet as long as you avoid July 14th and August 15th. The motorways have wonderful picnic areas, so you can travel as lazily as you wish. Hotels dot the junctions, too, making this road trip heaven.