Besançon Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Besançon

Besançon is a massive fortress near Switzerland's border that has earned several accolades—it was declared France's first green city, and its Citadel has become a UNESCO heritage site. In 58 BCE, it was taken by Caesar, and a thousand years later, it became a free imperial city liberated by a Holy Roman Emperor. Few landscapes are as saturated in history as this one, but it has a contemporary side to its character, too. The Guardian called it "the French City that tourism passed by", but that only makes tours to the region more rewarding. Without crowds and queues to waste your day away, you can explore its gorgeous squares and belle époque bars in style. Approach Besançon with every inch of your curiosity intact because it's heaven for avid explorers. The nearest Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch is at Dijon Train Station, about an hour's train ride away.

Our Vehicles for Rental in Besançon

Enterprise has as one of the most comprehensive fleets on the market today. In addition to cars, there are also people carriers for extended families, and a large range of economy vehicles. The SUV range is large enough to suit every adventure. Vans are provided for those who are making a new life for themselves in France or are carrying business-related equipment. Choose from the line-up of fuel-efficient hybrids if you prefer an eco-friendly option.

Cheap Car and Van Rental in Besançon

Enterprise provides for those with small purses and even smaller bank accounts. You can economise by booking online or choosing a prepaid rental. Choose a car that's light on fuel and heavy on performance to reduce your expenditure even more. Coupon hunting will secure you a huge range of other discounts, so be sure to check coupon sites and the Enterprise home page before you process your rental. France is one of the most exquisite destinations in the world, but it can chew into your savings. Enterprise wants you to enjoy your travelling without stretching your budget until it breaks.

Airport Car Rental

If you're travelling to France by air, the nearest airport is Dole-Jura, which is served by three airlines that travel in from Corsica, parts of North Africa, and a few other outlying areas. It's a tiny building with a single airstrip, so you won't be spending many entertaining hours at the Duty-Free, but the building has historical importance. It was used by the Luftwaffe during the German occupation and came under attack by Allied forces in 1944. You can travel to your Enterprise Rent-a-Car branch by taxi or train. The nearest larger airport is with an Enterprise branch is Geneva, Switzerland.

Attractions in Besançon

A New York Times writer labelled Besançon France's secret capital. It even has its own "little Louvre." The Parc Micaud will nurture your spirit, and its many museums will do the same for your mind. Musee du Temps will satisfy your aesthetic curiosity as well as it does your appreciation for history. Its watch collections are exquisite and its building is an adapted 16th-century palace. Besançon also has its own Aerodrome with a resident gliders club, so if you've always wanted to see France from the sky, this is your chance.

Places to Visit Outside Besançon

If you're travelling via car rental in Besançon, you shouldn't miss its surrounding sites. The Royal Saltworks of Arc Senan is on its outskirts and exhibit the work of Claude Nicolas Ledoux. As a world heritage site, it deserves a space on your bucket list. Ville d'Ornans is a charming, tiny town with its own Courbet museum. If the medieval era is more to your taste, Chateau de Belvoir will keep you entertained through its 12th-century armor and art.

Parking and Traffic Information in Besançon

The French drive on the right side of the road, which can take some getting used to. That said, French drivers are some of the best in the world, even if their parking leaves something to be desired. Some roads offer street parking on the left or right on alternate days of the week so that cleaning and maintenance crews can work unimpeded. To avoid fines, check the signage before you park. You can use your European driver's licence, but officials might check its legitimacy. By law, you're required to carry a safety kit and insurance, but most car rental companies provide excellent all-inclusive service for foreign travellers.