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Wondering how to get to Naxos? To reach this beautiful island, you’ll have to fly into Athens International Airport (ATH) and get a domestic flight into Naxos Island National Airport (JNX). From here, you can rent a car at our convenient Naxos Airport Enterprise Rent-A-Car ( branch.

You can also rent a vehicle from one of our four branches in Athens ( and take the ferry to Naxos, which takes about three and a half hours. 

The best way to get around Naxos is by car, especially if you want to explore this island at your own pace. So, whether you’re a group of friends looking for a spacious minivan (, or on a romantic getaway and need a high-end convertible ( – we’ve got the car to match your needs.

What to do and see in Naxos

Thanks to the island’s pristine sandy beaches, archeological sites, and fertile agriculture – there are plenty of things to do in Naxos! Here’s some of our favorite activities:

Events in Naxos

If you’re traveling to Naxos, you won’t want to miss out on the many festivals and artistic events that take place every year. If you’re visiting in July, celebrate the feast of Agios Nikodeimos Agioritis, Naxos’ patron saint. This religious festival takes place on July 14th and includes a procession and street celebrations with local food and drinks. Other festivals in Naxos include the Dionysia Festival, which is held during the first week of September. This festival honors the Greek God Dionysus, symbolizing the wine harvest, festivities and pleasure. You can expect plenty of musical concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions.

Things to See in Naxos

Wondering what the best things to do in Naxos are? Let’s start with Naxos’ fabulous beaches. Whether you want to dip your toes in the Aegean sea’s warm waters, or just want to relax by the shore – there are plenty of beautiful beaches to choose from. Head to Agios Prokopios Beach, about a 10-minute drive from Naxos city, and soak up the pristine scenery. Other great beaches in Naxos include Plaka Beach or Alyko Beach, both about a 30-minute drive away from Naxos city. Next, no trip to Naxos would be complete without visiting some of its historical and archeological sites. The Temple of Apollo is a must-see landmark and the island’s emblem. This majestic marble gate dates to 530 BC and can easily be visited by foot if you’re staying in Naxos city. If you’re looking for a day trip from Naxos city, head to the Holy Paleochristian Church of Panagia Drosiani, Naxos’ oldest church dating to the 6th century. The drive takes around 30-minutes. Another option is to visit the Castle Kastro in Naxos city old town, a 13th century castle built during the Venetian sovereignty. Other great things to do in Naxos include visiting the island’s many farms and vineyards. You’ll learn how to make local cheese, cook recipes alongside locals, or discover the winemaking process.

Shopping in Naxos

Whether you’re looking for local produce, souvenirs, or handicrafts – you’ll find plenty of quaint shopping districts and charming little shops in Naxos. Kastro, Naxos city’s historic quarter, caters to all types of shoppers. Here, you’ll find fashion boutiques, ceramics workshops and small shops selling local delicacies and produce.

Naxos Food & Drinks

Greek cuisine is world-renowned, and the food in Naxos won’t disappoint. With its fertile soil and bountiful agricultural produce, Naxos produces some of the best olives, olive oil, and cheese in the country – so make sure to sample some kalamata olives and Naxos Graviera cheese. As for local dishes, try gemista, a dish of stuffed tomatoes and peppers; dakos, dried bread topped with tomatoes, cheese, and oregano; and taramasalata, a delicious dip made from cured cod roe. For those of you with a sweet tooth, try one of Naxos’ traditional desserts called melachrino, a walnut pie served with sheep’s milk ice cream. Finally, to quench your thirst, try one of Greece’s favorite non-alcoholic drinks, soumada, an almond-based syrupy soft drink. You can also learn about Naxos’ signature liqueur called kitron, made from the leaves and fruit of the citron tree.

Family friendly activities in Naxos

If you’re vacationing in Naxos, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of things to do for all ages, from water sports to hikes, and everything in between. Some of the best things to do in Naxos with your family include visiting the Laguna Beach Park Naxos, where you can learn how to windsurf, and the Aqua Fun Naxos Water Park. If you want to hike or cycle to a pristine beach, take the Plaka Mikri Vilga trail. This easy hike takes about two hours to complete and the reward is a refreshing dive by Plaka Beach Naxos!"

Driving in Naxos

Visiting Naxos by car is a great way to soak in the scenic beauty of this island at your own pace and convenience. But you’re probably wondering what side of the road to drive on in Greece. As with many other mainland European countries, in Naxos you’ll be driving on the right-hand side of the road.

If you’re renting a car in Naxos, you’ll need to check if your driver's license is legally recognized in Greece. Driver's licenses issued by the EEA (European Economic Area) and EU (Europea Union) are accepted, other licenses may require an international driver’s permit.

All drivers in Greece must carry:

• A full, valid driver's license
• An international driver’s permit (non-EEA or non-EU countries)
• Vehicle insurance certificate
• Registration documents
• Your passport

To make your road trip to Naxos a pleasant and hassle-free experience, it’s always wise to know the country’s rules and regulations before traveling:

Speed Limits:

• 50km/hr in urban areas
• 90 km/hr outside urban areas
• 130 km/hr on freeways

Car Essentials:

• By law, all passengers have to wear seat belts
• Warning triangles, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are mandatory
• Your car must be fitted with headlight beam deflectors

Driving in Naxos is the best way to explore the island’s many beaches, historical sights and quaint villages. But in some areas of the island, roads can get very narrow, especially in some villages or more mountainous regions so take extra care when driving down these roads.

Parking in downtown Naxos can also be tricky, especially on market days, religious holidays or festivals. We recommend you park on the outskirts and walk for a more pleasant experience.

So, are you ready for a memorable trip to Naxos? Check out our car rental options and prepare for a smooth ride!

Car and van rental in Greece with Enterprise

Enterprise Greece offers a range of car and van rental services including one-way, long-term and short-term vehicle rental. Commercial clients can speak to our award-winning business rental team who will tailor a mobility solution for your needs and budget.

We are part of the Enterprise group, the largest transportation solutions provider in the world. Our global network covers more than 90 countries and over 9,500 locations, allowing us to serve your mobility needs, wherever you’re going.

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Car rental in Naxos

If you are traveling with your family or in a big group, you may find a 7-seater or a people carrier will give you more space to travel comfortably with your luggage. For a city trip, a handy hatchback that’s easy to park may suit you better. For business trips or long drives an executive car will combine comfort and performance.

Whether you prefer automatic to manual transmission, no problem. If you want a petrol, diesel or hybrid engine, we’ve got you covered. You may also need GPS, a child seat or want to add another driver to the contract, let us know and we’ll arrange it for you.

Van rental in Naxos

Should you need to rent a van while you’re in Naxos, all our vans can be driven on a standard license and are modern, clean and easy to drive. Just ask and one of our branch team will happily show you around your rental van to make sure you are comfortable with it before you head off.