Latvia Car Rental

Flying in to Latvia

Traveling to Latvia? Most visitors fly into Latvia’s main airport, Riga International Airport (RIX). When you touch down in Latvia, the easiest way to explore the country is with a rental car.

Car rental from Latvia airport is easy with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It’s a short 20-minute drive from Riga Airport to the city center, so you can be in the capital in no time at all after picking up your keys.

Popular Destinations and things to do in Latvia

Latvia has a lot to offer visitors. From medieval architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to untouched forests and snow-capped mountains – Latvia is a remarkable country to visit. If you’re asking if Latvia is worth visiting, the answer is a resounding yes. With bustling cities, quaint traditional towns, and an array of stunning natural landscapes, there’s something in Latvia to suit every kind of visitor. Not sure what to do in Latvia? To help you plan your trip, let’s explore some of the best places to visit in Latvia.

Top places to visit in Latvia

With a rich history, art nouveau architecture, and bustling café, restaurant and bar scenes, the capital city, Riga, is a must-visit destination in Latvia. Not sure what to do in Riga? Explore its enchanting Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its cobblestone streets and stunning buildings. Head to the Central Market (one of the largest markets in Europe) for a taste of local flavors, and climb St. Peter's Church for panoramic views over the city.

Guaja National Park
Guaja National Park, a natural paradise of rich forests, waterfalls, and rivers, is one of the top places to visit in Latvia. Explore the hiking trails through untouched wilderness, discover ancient caves or take a dip in the freshwater springs. Driving from Rija to Guaja National Park takes about an hour and 30 minutes.

Just half an hour’s drive from Riga is Jurmala, a popular seaside resort town. Here, you can sunbathe on the golden shores, explore the charming wooden architecture, and even indulge in a spa treatment or two.

Rundale Palace and Museum
The grand Rundale Palace is known as the Versailles of Latvia – a Baroque architectural masterpiece surrounded by acres of manicured gardens. Whether you’re a history buff or not, you’ll enjoy a tour through the opulent halls and gardens to learn about the palace's rich history. Rundale is one of the most popular things to see in Latvia.

Step back in time to the picturesque town of Cesis, known for its medieval charm and scenic landscapes. With quaint cobbled streets, medieval castle ruins and multicolored traditional buildings, Cesis is a great stop on your trip and one of the best places to visit in Latvia.

Latvian food & drink

The food and drink scene in Latvia does not disappoint. Latvian food is hearty and comforting, so expect plenty of local produce and seasonal dishes. Let’s explore what to eat in Latvia. Traditional Latvian foods to try on your trip include rye bread (a national staple), Kartupeļu Pankūkas (grated potato pancakes) and Koletes (fried minced meat patties). As for drinks, try some typical quince juice, or indulge in sweet and tangy cranberry, black currant, or sea buckthorn cordials.

Festivals and events in Latvia

Attending festivals is one of the best things to do in Latvia. Here’s a selection of our favorites:

Riga City Festival
Riga City Festival is held annually in August in the heart of the capital. With street performances, concerts by local artists, mouth-watering food stalls and a grand fireworks display, this festival showcases the best of Riga's cultural scene.

Positivus Festival
The biggest music festival in Latvia, Positivus Festival takes place every July in Salacgrīva, just outside Riga. The three-day festival boasts a diverse lineup of international and local artists, plus picturesque camping grounds and a laid-back atmosphere.

Midsummer Festival
Experience the enchanting traditions of Latvia at the Midsummer Festival, celebrated on June 23rd and 24th throughout the country. Join locals as they gather in meadows and forests, adorned with flower crowns, to enjoy bonfires, folk dancing, singing, and local produce.

Staro Riga Light Festival
Every November, Riga is illuminated with the Staro Riga Light Festival. Stunning light installations and projections transform the city's landmarks, streets, and parks into a visual spectacle – it’s certainly a sight to behold for visitors, and one of the top things to see in Latvia.

Riga Opera Festival
Classical music enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Riga Opera Festival, an annual celebration of opera and ballet in June at the Latvian National Opera. World-class performers descend on the Latvian capital to put on a show.

Best time of year to visit Latvia

The best time to visit Latvia is in late spring and summer, from May to September. The weather is warmer, with averages of 20 degrees Celsius in August. Visiting in the autumn and winter can also be pleasant but be prepared for cold weather.

Driving in Latvia

The best way to explore Latvia is by car. Not only can you travel at your own pace without relying on public transport, but you can also enjoy all the scenic views Latvia has to offer. Driving in Latvia is a breeze, with well-maintained roads and low volumes of traffic. There are no motorways in Latvia, but there are dual carriageways connecting cities. Here’s everything you need to know before you pick up the keys to your rental car in Latvia.

What you need to drive in Latvia

You can drive with a full, valid foreign driver’s license in Latvia – an international driving permit (IDP) isn’t needed for most visitors. If you’re renting a car in Latvia, you’ll also need another form of ID, like your passport.

Road rules for driving in Latvia

• Latvia drives on the right-hand side of the road and passes on the left, like most of Europe
• All passengers must wear a seatbelt
• The blood alcohol content limit for drivers is 0.05%
• Children under 12 or smaller than 135cm must have an appropriate child restraint

Make sure you pay close attention to road signs for the speed limit on each road.

Age limit to drive in Latvia

The minimum age to drive in Latvia is 18, but the minimum age to rent a car in Latvia is 21.

Car rental Latvia

Ready to rent a car in Latvia? You can collect your rental car at Riga Airport from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to get your trip off to a smooth start. We have a range of cars, SUVs, and vans to suit every Latvian road trip. Ready for your trip to Latvia? Browse our range of rental vehicles at Enterprise.

Latvia Car Rental Locations

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is proud to serve customers in Latvia. As part of the world’s largest car rental provider, which owns and operates more than 1.5 million vehicles, we’re sure to have a location near you or your travel destination. And while we are an internationally recognized brand, Enterprise remains family-owned with one goal in mind for our customers: to exceed your expectations for service and overall value.

With many unique attractions, such as Jurmala Beach, Old City Riga, and the Sigulda Adventure Park Tarzan, Latvia is a popular destination with tourists and business travelers alike. No matter if you’re visiting for only a few days or staying for a month or more, you can count on us to provide the perfect vehicle for your transportation needs. Get your trip started by searching the map or browsing the locations below.