Marupes Novads Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental Locations in Marupes Novads

The easiest way to reach Marupes Novads is by air. Riga International Airport lies within the northeastern portion of the municipality, and there is an Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch within the airport. If arriving by train or bus, you can also find Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations within Riga and Jurmala.

What to do and see in Marupes Novads

Marupes Novads is a municipality of Latvia that borders the capital city of Riga, the seaside resort city of Jurmala, and the municipalities of Tukums, Jelgava and Olaine. Marupes Novads itself is a popular destination known for its quiet, rural setting, allowing you to relax despite being very close to several major cities. Take a stroll around the beautiful lavender fields at Lillas Lavender, or visit the Viesturi Golf & Country Club for a relaxing nine-hole game of golf. You can also take a visit to Ruukki Pludmales Center, which features six indoor beach sports facilities and seven outdoor facilities for use in warm weather. The facilities host a wide range of activities, including volleyball, tennis and games featuring Zorb bumper balls.

From Marupes Novads, it is a short journey northeast to the Latvian capital, Riga. Experience the city's history and architecture on a visit to Old Town Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the magnificent House of the Blackheads, originally built in the 14th century.

Riga's many museums include the Open Air Ethnographic Museum, which preserves the buildings and daily lives of Latvian villages as far back as the 17th century. An extensive collection of vehicles can be seen at the Riga Motor Museum. The Riga Central Market is one of the largest traditional markets in Europe. Finally, explore the city's art and culture at the Art Nouveau center, Latvian National Opera and Ballet, Doma Cathedral and Latvian National Museum of Art.

Head northwest from Marupes Novads to the popular summer destination of Jurmala, home to several white-sand beaches surrounded by pine forests. Take a walk along the pedestrian street malls of Jomas Street, lined with cafés, bars, and stores, and enjoy the outdoor street entertainment. Explore the beautiful Our Lady of Kazan Church, visit the summer homes of 19th-century architect Kristaps Morbergs and early 20th-century poet Aspazija, and admire the Art Nouveau architecture of Dubulti Lutheran Church.

Not far from Jurmala lies the Dzintari Forest Park, with walking trails and relaxing activities. While here, head west from Jurmala to the small town of Kemeri, home to the magnificent former Sanitorium Building and the scenic Kemeri National Park. Take the Kemeri Bog Walk to explore the unique plant and animal life of the area and read the plaques that recount the history of the area.

Driving in Marupes Novads

With a rental van or car in Marupes Novads, it is easy to reach your destination. If arriving at Riga International Airport, you can reach Marupes Novads and Riga by following the E22 west, while Jurmala can be reached by following the same route east.

To rent a car or van hire in Marupes Novads, you will need to be over 21 years of age, with a valid driver's license from your home country, a current passport and proof of car insurance. You will also need to carry a proper vehicle registration document, such as a registration card, for your rental vehicle.

Speed limits in Latvia are strictly enforced, and violations will attract an instant fine that must be paid within 30 days of issue. Pay close attention to any changes to the maximum allowed speed while driving. As a general rule, the maximum speed limit is 50 km/h in cities and urban areas, 90 km/h on rural roads and 100 km/h on freeways.

As with many European countries, headlights must be kept on at all times while driving for maximum visibility. To avoid the risk of blinding any oncoming drivers, confirm that the headlights of your rental car are adjustable. If not, you may be able to use headlight converters to adjust the beam while driving.

Be aware that winter driving in Latvia can be particularly hazardous due to icy roads, shorter daylight hours and the potential for fog. Snow tires are required for all vehicles between the months of December and March, and special diesel fuel that does not easily congeal is also available. Check with locals to find out if there are any hazards, such as black ice, and avoid driving in especially snowy conditions unless necessary, in which case, drive as slowly and cautiously as possible.

While visiting major cities such as Riga and Jurmala, try to park in secure parking lots wherever possible, as break-ins and thefts are far too common. If a car is found parked in a dangerous or illegal parking spot, such as on a road with a tram line, you may be fined and your car towed away.

Make sure you have an emergency warning triangle in your vehicle at the time of booking. The emergency number for Latvia is 112, and operators will be able to direct you to emergency services in English, Latvian, Russian and German.