Shooting for the Stars

Shooting for the Stars

Alex is a brilliant high school student who knows how to dream big. She’d love to be on Mars by the time she’s 30 but will settle for a manned mission to the International Space Station. Watch her discover the world of amateur rocketry and attempt to launch her self-made, high-tech model rocket.

Rocket Woman

Alex's Astronaut Dream

The decision to travel into space came early for this high school student.

Rocket People of Texas

Amateur rocketry is a fun diversion for some and an all-consuming passion for others.

Rocket Road Trips

Need extra room for people, luggage, or cargo or both? Our minivans and passenger vans can seat up to 7 and 15 people and are great for family vacations or large groups.

Dreams Take Flight

Photographer Neill Whitlock follows Alex as she builds a high-tech rocket and attempts to launch it.