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The medieval town of Remoulins is made up of ancient buildings and quaint villages that tell the story of its heritage. This commune is in the Gard department and near the Pont du Gard, a little way down the Gardon River. Its riverside beach is a huge attraction during summer when tourists revel in water activities and soak in the sun. The town is also part of the Côte du Rhône wine region, and so you can have wine tasting tours as part of your adventures. Remoulins has a good number of monuments that will fill up your sightseeing schedules. To make it easier to get around from one place to another, consider renting a car in Remoulins. Enterprise has local offices that make your planning less of a challenge.

Our Vehicles For Rent In Remoulins

Before you make that click to book your rental car, know what vehicle works best. Our rental car fleet in Remoulins allows you to find affordable rental options without compromising your comfort. If you are on your own and just wish to visit nearby towns and villages, a compact car is ideal.

If you are moving house or office, a commercial van makes more sense. Enterprise also has people carriers which by design offer a lot of storage and seating space. Regardless of whether you are going to bring surfboards or camping gear along for the trip, you can easily fit everything in or on a people carrier without causing discomfort to the passengers. For regular car options, Enterprise’s fleet includes mini, standard and economy. If you wish to have a classy ride for a fun evening on the town, opt for small or large premium.

Cheap Car And Van Rental In Remoulins

Enterprise in Remoulins offers great prices across its large fleet of vehicles, whether you need a 3-door economy car, roomy SUV or 9-passenger people carrier. Book online in advance for the best deals on cheap car rental, or visit our knowledgeable staff in branch for friendly, personal service.

Enterprise offers a wide range of new vans from our city and neighborhood branches. Explore the full fleet of passenger vans and larger commercial vehicles online or visit us in branch where our staff can help you find your perfect vehicle. Visit our Remoulins van rental page to find out more.

Airport Car Rental

Nimes Airport is close to Remoulins, but Avignon Airport is also a convenient option. Enterprise has rental car offices in the two locations for travelers who prefer to drive straight from the airport. The A9 is the road to use when coming from either side.

Attractions In Remoulins

You cannot tour Remoulins without visiting Pont du Gard, the aqueduct bridge that was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD. Find an appropriate rental car in Remoulins and set off on a road trip across the commune as you take in the scenery and enjoy the country air. Visit some wineries and taste authentic French products or head to the Remoulins Forest for a hike. West of the Gardon River is a wooded area that is perfect for outdoor hobbies. Take a trip to the Notre-Dame de Bethlehem Church and be amazed by the imposing structure. The Saint Martin Chapel that was built in the 12th century and Notre-Dame-et-St-Martin Church are also impressive. Drive to the river crossing where there are still ruins of the first bridges in the form of two pylons.

Places To Visit Outside Remoulins

A car rental from Remoulins will allow you to drive to nearby Avignon, which is only 22 kilometers away. Place d’Horloge is one of the historic buildings that capture the allure of the town, with Place du Palais being another. You can also take the 6-kilometer drive to Vers-Pont-du-Gard for an enchanting experience in the medieval villages.

Parking And Traffic Information In Remoulins

Parking in Remoulins is well developed to accommodate the numerous visitors that come to see the Pont du Gard. If you are heading to that specific attraction, the car park on the right bank is one option. Parking fees in Remoulins have increased significantly over the years, so ensure you have updated information as you choose your Remoulins rental car. The A9 cuts right across Remoulins as it runs from Nimes to Orange.