Things to Consider When Renting a Car for a Road Trip

Going on a road trip? Whether you are leaving from home or flying to your destination, a rental car is great a transportation choice for your trip. We've compiled a list of considerations you should examine before your next trip.

Make sure your next road trip is one the entire family will enjoy - even if you're planning a road trip during COVID-19. Keep the car running smoothly and everyone entertained from destination to destination with these helpful considerations. Once you look these over, check out our list of road trip essentials to guarantee you've got everything needed for a memorable journey.


Branch location and hours

Flying into town? Find an Enterprise location right at the airport; many are open 24/7. There are also thousands of neighborhood branches throughout the US as well, so there is sure to be one near your origin and endpoint. Please note: Neighborhood locations have variable hours at night and on weekends. You can easily find this information as you start a reservation.


One-way or round-trip rental

One-way rentals are ideal if you are planning to fly out of a different city from the one you arrive in. They are a convenient way to take a longer, more extensive road trip and not have to back-track. On the flip side, some trips may make more sense to do as a round-trip drive. Compare availability and rates between various options and see what works best with your plans.


Mileage restrictions

There may be some restrictions on one-way rentals and/or mileage depending on the car class you select. Start a rental car reservation and see location-specific policies.


Best car for your needs

Have a few – or too many – bags? Opt for a mid-size or full-size SUV. Looking to enjoy the breathtaking views of California or the Florida Keys? We recommend a sporty convertible. With any road trip you take, consider what car is best for your needs and services the best aspects of the drive. Please note: Some car classes like the 12 & 15 passenger vans may not be available for one-way rentals.


Accepted payment methods

Keep in mind that Enterprise branches typically require credit cards for one-way rentals. For more information, please visit our payment policy page.


Roadside Assistance and Other Car Rental Insurance (optional)

Do your research around additional coverages and road side assistance available with your rental car. See a full list of insurance and protection products offered.


Car Seats

Do you have young kids coming along on the trip? Simplify the logistics of your trip and rent a car seat directly from your Enterprise airport branch. No need to lug it from your car, to the parking shuttle, and through the airport check-in and security lines. Car seats can be reserved when you book your car online.


Fueling Options

Customers are asked to refuel their rental vehicle to the same fuel level as when it was picked up. We do offer several other fueling options as well.


Additional Drivers

You’ll probably want to switch drivers at some point during your road trip, especially if you have some long stretches of highway between stops. Enterprise does allow additional drivers on the rental agreement. Visit our additional driver page for more information.



Tolls can be tricky, inconvenient and really put a damper on any travel you have planned, especially if they sneak up on you. With the Enterprise TollPass program, driving across highways with tolls are a lot easier to handle. View our coverage map and learn more about the TollPass program.


Road Trip Ideas

Looking for road trip ideas? You've come to the right place! Explore scenic drives along the West Coast, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and much more.




How do I prepare for inclement weather during my drive?

The best way to prepare for inclement weather during a trip is to look up the typical climate of your destination for the time of year you plan to visit. Pack accordingly, and as you get closer to the date of your trip, check the local weather for last-minute weather conditions. If you know you'll be traveling to colder, high elevations, you may wish to request a vehicle with four-wheel drive from your Enterprise facility.

All Enterprise rental vehicles come with all-weather tires, and vehicles are maintained to the highest standard, so you can drive your Enterprise rental with perfect peace of mind.


How do I stay up-to-date on road conditions?

If you use a GPS or a navigational app like Google Maps or WAZE, you will be updated on road conditions in real time. Be sure to activate the voice mode so you can keep your eyes on the road. You can also turn on the radio for traffic notifications from a local station or for emergency alerts.
As you drive, pay attention to road signage and notifications for falling rocks, wildfires, and slippery roads. In certain areas, digital boards alert drivers to traffic congestion or other hazards. Stay alert and plan an alternate route ahead of time in case of bad conditions.


Does Enterprise rent car seats?

Yes, Enterprise does rent car seats at an additional daily charge. This will simplify your experience and prevent you from having to carry a car seat through the airport. Instead, you can focus on spending time with your children

To book a car seat for your journey, request the car seat when you reserve your car online


Can I manage toll payments digitally?

When you rent with Enterprise, you won't have to worry about carrying cash for tolls. Enterprise makes toll payments easy during your road trip with the Enterprise Tollpass Program. How you enroll depends on where in the United States you rent your vehicle, but either way, passing tolls on your trip will be a breeze.

You can rent a transponder or opt into an enrollment for the period of your rental. The credit or debit card used to book your rental will automatically be charged for any tolls you may incur during your drive. A small usage fee may also apply, depending on where you rent your vehicle. Check for more details by geographic region.