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Nightlife in the Southwest comes in two flavors: Big city fun in Phoenix and Tucson or breathtaking sunsets viewed from the rim of the Grand Canyon, at Canyon de Chelly or in the enchanting desert town of Sedona. Or, steer your rental car along a scenic drive along Devil’s Highway or in Saguaro National Park, home to the giant iconic cactus.

Saguaro National Park Drive Features Unique Beauty

The iconic saguaro cactus is a symbol of the Southwest.
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Balloon Ride Gives a Bird’s-Eye View of the Sonoran Desert

Scottsdale, Arizona, makes a good base for a new adventure.
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Canyon de Chelly: A Drive to the Home of the Navajo

Native American land inspired an iconic art form.
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Hiking to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Six family members immerse themselves in nature and attempt to bond.
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Sedona Provides a Romantic Setting for a Weekend Getaway

With its towering red rocks, the Arizona desert city has an unforgettable natural beauty.
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National Park Tradition Renews Family Ties

After suffering loss, a lifelong traveler reconnects with relatives and creates lasting memories.
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Five National Parks Near Los Angeles

All the destinations are beautiful and within a day’s drive.
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Nostalgic Route 66 Road Trip: Santa Monica to Albuquerque

On the “Mother Road,” you’ll find welcoming smiles and the guardian angel of the trail.
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