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Rent a car in winter for a ski trip (or enjoy après-ski); travel in summer to have a go at the 58 “Fourteeners,” peaks exceeding 14,000 feet. In spring and fall, mingle with city dwellers in Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder. Scenic drives abound across the state where you can journey along Rocky Mountain passes, through river canyons or across a desert.

Fourteener Fever

For the past 25 years, Connie Gelb Otteman’s family has crisscrossed Colorado's high country on a mad mission to climb all 58 14,000-foot peaks.
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A Nature Photographer Shares Tips and Tales

Good photos require passion — and patience.
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Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Love family embraces winter in Colorado to experience a new adventure.
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Winter Weekend Activities in Colorado

Cold weather creates chances for unique family adventures.
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Scott Otteman’s Five Most Memorable Colorado Fourteeners

A devoted hiker shares his favorite Colorado climbs and explains why each one is special.
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Road Trip from Denver to Glacier National Park

A trip from Denver to Montana shows off the vast and varied scenery in the U.S.
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A Two-Day Driving Tour of the San Juan Skyway

Soak in the hot springs, ride the narrow-gauge railroad or stay in a cozy lodge during this road trip.
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Colorado Fourteener Side Trips

If you don't want to climb, families and non-hikers can still find plenty to do near Colorado fourteeners.
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Fourteener Food

Whether searching for casual dining or something more upscale in Colorado, satisfying meals are easy to find.
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Payday Getaways: Grand Lake, Colorado

Outdoor activities include kayaking and zip lining.
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