Car Rental in France

Why Rent a Car in France?

Although France has many of its top attractions in Paris, there is much more to see beyond the city limits. Explore these one-of-a-kind destinations at your own pace with a rental car. Some of the top attractions include:


- Versailles – with a short one-hour drive from the center of Paris, visitors can visit the world-famous Palace of Versailles.

- Bordeaux – located roughly six hours southwest of Paris, this is the heart of France’s wine country.

- Lille- near the border of France and Belgium, Lille is a historic 17th-century city with cobblestone streets and lots of romantic European charm. Visitors can explore this area with a three-hour drive from Paris.


Another popular city to consider for your trip is Nice, located on the Southern coast of France. With a car rental in Nice, you'll be off to a good start to see what this chanting region has to offer. Some of the top attractions are:


- Promenade des Anglaise – one of the most famous seafronts in France that is only a five-minute drive from the Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE) or the Nice train station.

- Antibes – after a thirty-minute car drive from Nice, you can experience over 40 beaches stretching along the coast.

- The town of Eze - a medieval village on a hilltop thirty-minutes from Nice and is a picturesque place with stunning views. 


Airports and Neighborhood Car Rental Locations

We have branches located conveniently in both international and domestic airports terminals across France; including Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Nice (NCE) and Lyon St Exupéry (LYS). There are also over 100 neighborhood locations for visitors looking to explore cities and countryside. 

What is the Minimum Age to Rent a Car in France?

To rent a vehicle in France, the minimum age is 21. For commercial vehicles, drivers must be at least 23 years old.


What Do I Need To Rent a Car in France?

You will need the following items to rent a car in France:

- A valid driver’s license, or an international driver permit if the license if not written in Roman characters

- A valid ID

- A debit or credit card with the renter’s full name International travellers must also show passport, proof of return travel and residency information.

- An International Driving Permit (IDP)


Do I Need Car Rental Insurance and Protection Products in France?

No. When renting a car in France, you don't need to purchase insurance as a damage waiver is included in the cost of your rental. You have the option to purchase additional protection products to reduce the excess further to give you peace of mind. Start a car rental reservation to see all detailed information.


Can I Rent a Car One-Way in France?

One-way car rental is possible at many Enterprise locations in mainland France although there are some restrictions and fees. For additional information, please start a reservation above.


What are Top Tips for Driving in France?

- Traffic travels on the right in France. The French rules for priorité â droite (yield right-of-way) are the opposite of the US: a vehicle entering from the right has priority in cities and towns.

- On steep hills, uphill traffic has priority – downhill traffic must yield.

- U-turns are not permitted, nor is crossing a solid white line. A flashing red light means do not enter.

- Horns must only be used where there is immediate danger. During nighttime, warnings should be given by using flashing lights.

- Unless otherwise indicated you must give way to vehicles entering from the right-hand side.


Check out our France Driving Tips for additional information that will help you make the most of your visit to this great and scenic country.

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