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COVID-19 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we recommend you review the latest travel requirements to enter the United Kingdom prior to your travel.

COVID-19 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we recommend you review the latest travel requirements to enter the United Kingdom prior to your travel.

UK Car Rental Guide

Why Rent a Car in the UK?

The United Kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This island country is known for its stunning architecture, unique food scene and beautiful rolling hills. Each country has its own character and offers travelers a unique vacation experiece. 


Renting a car in the UK gives you the freedom to explore big cities and surrounding countryside at your own pace. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has 20+ airport branches conveniently located in both international and domestic airport terminals across the UK, many are open 24/7. There are also over 100 neighborhood locations for visitors looking to explore cities, country sides, and the coasts of the UK. Travel conveniently and easily between towns and experience more of what this beautiful country has to offer. Some popular locations include:



Explore Scotland

Visit Glasgow, Scotland's largest city that's known for its architecture, music scene, football club rivalries and beautiful rolling hills. Or take a drive to Inverness, the gateway to the Scottish Highlands - all within a four-hour drive from Glasgow. 

Explore England

Walk through London, the city that's home to iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. Or take the incredible A39 road, also referred to as ‘The Atlantic Highway’, to Cornwall to see some of the UK's most beautiful beaches.

Explore Wales

Walk around Cardiff, a virbrant and diverse city that's fast-paced and full of exciting attractions. Even though it's surrounded by thick Roman walls, the inside is ornately decorated with gilded ceilings, stained glass, wood carvings and intricate detailing. 

Explore Northern Ireland

Known for its breathtaking coastline and natural wonders, Northern Ireland is filled with some of the most beautiful towns in the UK. Travel to Bangor for sandy beaches and historic buildings, or take time to visit Coleraine to see marvelous mountains. 

UK Car Rental FAQs

To rent a vehicle in the UK, the minimum age is 25. Drivers over 30 years-old can rent full-size MPVs, premium vehicles/exotic cars and Luton vans (similar to box/commercial trucks in the US.)

To rent a car in the UK, you'll need: 

  • Driver's license
  • Valid ID (Driver’s license or passport can be used; for non-EU visitors, an International Driver Permit is required if your license is not written in English.)
  • International travelers must also show passport, proof of return travel & residency information
  • Credit or debit card. (Debit cards will require an ID and address verification.

No. When renting a car in the UK, you don't need to purchase insurance as we provide a damage waiver included in the cost of your car rental. You have the option to purchase additional protection products to reduce the excess further to give you peace of mind.

Enterprise customers may rent a car in the UK and drop it off at a different domestic location. Cross-border travel is available, although there are some restrictions and fees. For additional information, please start a reservation above.

Top Driving Tips in the UK

When driving in the UK, there a few key things to remember:

  • In emergencies, dial 112 or 999 to contact the police, ambulance or fire services.
  • In the United Kingdom, you drive on the left. Make sure you remember to give priority from the right and enter roundabouts clockwise – there are a lot of them all over the country.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the speed limit in cities and built-up areas is 30mph with certain areas signposted 20mph. ‘A roads’ usually range from 40mph to the national speed limit of 60mph and Motorways are limited to 70mph.
  • UK’s road network is full of smart motorways that adjust speed limits automatically. They also measure how fast you travel between certain checkpoints and inform authorities if you exceeded the maximum speed limit for the segment.
  • Motorways near main cities, such as the M25 ring road of London, the M1 and the M6 become congested during peak time hours. Allow for extra time when planning your road trips, especially during national holidays in the summer when many people head for the coasts.
  • Certain motorways, bridges and tunnels in the UK have tolls that are either payable online and use license plate scanners, or at gates using spare change and contactless cards.
  • Rural coastal roads and some in-land roads can get very tight and often have stone fences on each side (especially in Cornwall), so be cautious of oncoming traffic on tight turns where visibility is obstructed.

Check out our UK Driving Tips for additional information that will help you make the most of your visit to this great and scenic country.

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