Explore Arizona's Antelope Canyon


    As famous photo spots go, Antelope Canyon in the heart of the American Southwest is up there with Arizona’s most iconic (though it should not be mistaken for Utah’s Blue John Canyon, made famous by the wince-inducing film "127 Hours."

    Formed over several millennia, the multi-faceted flowing arches and vivid sandstone surfaces owe their shape to rapid monsoon-fed waters working their way through fissures in the dry, red valley surroundings.

    As if taking inspiration from the spiritual reverence Navajo elders hold for the site, many returning visitors have dubbed the canyon a natural cathedral, describing their observations of the interplay of light and shadow across the walls as a moving and sacred experience.

    Though the area was once populated by roaming herds of Pronghorns, who lend their name to the chasm, you will have to drive quite a distance to see these majestic creatures now, as many have since crossed the borders into the northern territories.

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