How to Be a Friend to the Bees

Above photo: Beekeeper Sarah Red-Laird places her hand on her bees. Photo by Kyle Repka

Story by Jay Zschunke

Jay is an Associate Copywriter with 360i in New York City.

There are actions we can all take every day that support bees' lives. Beekeeper Sarah Red-Laird shares a few simple things we can do to help.

• Plant flowers: The most important activity Sarah encourages us to do is plant flowers. Plain and simple, flowers are bee habitat. It’s beneficial to plant three different types of flowers in your garden that bloom through as many seasons as possible. For example, wild lilacs in the spring, hostas in the summer, and zinnias in the fall.

• Support sustainable food: Be aware of the food going on your plate. Even making an investment and eating one sustainable meal per week can make a difference. By doing this, you’re supporting beekeepers, farmers, and are making an overall better investment in a better, healthier environment.

• Buy local, raw honey: To support local beekeepers, buy local and raw honey. There are beekeepers at almost every farmers market, selling their honey and other bee products.

• Quench the bees’ thirst: Bees get thirsty too! If you have bees coming to your yard and garden, put a little basin of water out near your plants. They will love it!