Weekend Adventures


The weekend is your time to connect with the people and places you love. We’re here to help. Explore your passions— hiking, photography, antique shopping — or challenge yourself to try something new. It’s only two days, but the memories can last a lifetime.


Acadia National Park Fuels Photography Passion

The only national park in the Northeast has stunning fall scenery and unique carriage roads.
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Payday Getaways: Milford, Pennsylvania

Peaceful drive includes historical hotel and resplendent mansion.
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Glamping in the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains

Glamping is a more luxurious form of traditional camping that still allows you to connect with nature.
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Explore California's Redwood Coast

This scenic region runs north from San Francisco through Redwoods National and State Parks along Highway 101.
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Bodie, California: A Ghost Town You Should Visit

About 200,000 people visit annually, but the buildings have no residents.
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Corktown Area of Detroit Rejuvenates

Rise of food and culture scene fills void left by loss of stadium.
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Louisville's Dining Renaissance

Find out which Louisville restaurants are shining stars in the ever-growing food scene, from Southern classics to Kentucky bourbon.
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Outside Austin: Fredericksburg, Texas

Small town Fredericksburg is in the center of the famous Texas Hill Country.
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Top 5 Things to Do on Cumberland Island

From camping to biking to hiking, there's plenty to do on Cumberland Island. Check out our favorite activities.
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Stargazing in Texas: McDonald Observatory and Beyond

West Texas' dry climate and sparse population create ideal conditions.
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Big Bend National Park

Solitude and stunning vistas prevail in one of America’s least visited parks.
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Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah's national parks are beautiful during the day and turn to a magnificent spectacle at night.
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Hiking to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Six family members immerse themselves in nature and attempt to bond.
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The Phenomenal Bay of Fundy

New Brunswick’s coastal communities live with the pulse of the ocean, which provides an unforgettable experience.
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Delightful St. Andrews Offers Simple Pleasures

New Brunswick’s resort town is a great getaway for a family vacation or romantic weekend.
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